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All-in-One Corporate Wellness Platform CoreHealth Announces Partnership With Edamam

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CoreHealth is the leading all-in-one corporate wellness platform for more than 2 million employees worldwide. The platform brings the art of tailored web portal designs for each customer’s workforce and the power of technology together in a new and inspiring way to help people find their own path to wellness and healthy lifestyles. Below is our interview with Anne Marie Kirby, Founder & CEO at CoreHealth Technologies speaking to the strengths of the platform and their recent Edamam partnership:


Q: Could you explain the most prominent advantages of your Wellness Platform?

A: Our platform is designed to help wellness providers deliver customized wellness programs fast with out-of-the box options, with the flexibility to incorporate best-in-class, third-party vendor products, apps and devices into the platform. And, if they choose, providers can develop their own custom programs so they can be as innovative as they want. Our mantra is: Go Fast, Go Wide, Go Deep.

Some competitive advantages over other platforms in the industry are:

  • Technology Providers Only – We focus exclusively on wellness technology – we are NOT wellness providers. As a result, our customers trust that their wellness ideas and innovations are safe and secure. Many competitor platforms are wellness providers too.
  • All-in-One Platform – many competitor products offer some of the functionality we do but few offer all including: health assessments, biometric management, education, wellness challenges, self-help programs, coach facilitation, incentives, surveys, conversations — and more.
  • Multi-lingual/Global – not all competitors can easily customize their platform to accommodate global cultures and language requirements. Our platform is used around the globe and has even been translated to Hebrew!
  • No Programmer Required at Customer Sites – Because the CoreHealth platform is so easy to configure, customers can make system configurations without requiring an in-house programmer.
  • Fast Implementation (Go Fast) – for customers wanting an out-of-the box solution, the CoreHealth platform can be bought today and implemented tomorrow. Our out-of-the box wellness challenges, health assessment templates and lifestyle questionnaires can get you up and running fast.
  • Wellness Partner Network (Go Wide) – CoreHealth’s wellness network of third-party partners offer over 140 unique ready-made wellness innovations that can be seamlessly added to the platform and tailored to each client portal – with unlimited configurability and design options. You can mix and match from this network or develop your own wellness tools, devices, apps and have it seamlessly available within the platform. Our wellness partners include: FitBit, Edington Associates, Validic, Intervent (just to name a few!)
  • Platform Customization (Go Deep) – For customers that want to go deep into wellness programs, you can customize the platform yourself to create unique differentiators giving you the edge to grow your business and revenue.
  • Privacy and Security – CoreHealth platform has privacy and security levels that satisfy even the toughest standards – used by government, banks and leading global companies.

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Q: What are main benefits for wellness companies?


  • CoreHealth is the only fully integrated solution that supports as many organizations, employees and activities needed by a wellness company. It’s a one-stop-shop.
  • The CoreHealth platform simplifies and accelerates the delivery of corporate wellness programs.
  • Wellness companies have full control over the activities they plan and schedule – including assessments, coaching, challenges, rewards and more – for hundreds of organizations and millions of employees.
  • Our customers (wellness companies) get access to the exclusive CoreHealth Wellness Network which provides over 140 best-in-class wellness innovations. Companies can mix and match from a library of content and components – or put their own ideas in motion with seamless integration to devices, apps, analytics and services from within the platform.
  • The unique flexible design gives wellness companies full control to innovate, create and integrate wellness programs faster than their competitors – without needing an in-house programmer to do it.

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Q: You’ve recently announced partnership with Edamam; could you tell us something more?


  • We have heard from our growing customer base of wellness companies that they need all wellness content, tools, apps, advanced analytics, coaching in one place with a single sign-on. We recognize there are leading vendors that specialize in key features (e.g. like in-depth analytics, devices, etc.) which are complementary to our platform and add value for our customers.
  • In response to this demand, we introduced our Wellness Network of best-in-class third-party wellness products that can be seamlessly ‘plugged in’ to our platform so wellness companies can pick and choose what functionality they want to include in their custom solution. We modelled our network after the Salesforce AppExchange to make integrations as easy as possible.
  • We heard a need from our customers that employees with dietary limitations wanted more information and choices on the food they cook and eat. As a result, we partnered with Edamam to deliver. When customers have a need, we seek out suitable partners and sometimes vendors approach us.


Q: What are your plans for next four months?


  • Our next software version is set for release shortly and will include a new executive dashboard – a tool that keeps executives informed and engaged on internal wellness programs early on and without the complications association with deriving return on investment (ROI).
  • The dashboard will include a communication forum around continuous improvement, while providing reportable metrics for presentation at the senior executive and board level.
  • It will also provide visibility into employee satisfaction and the development of a high performance company culture.

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Q: How do you see wellness industry developing in the next 5-7 years?

A: We sell our platform to hundreds of wellness providers who are experts in wellness so we will listen closely to what our customers tell us. Since we are exclusively a technology company, we will continue to support them with whatever they need in the industry.

From a wellness technology perspective, we anticipate a continued focus on big data analytics and integrations with third-party wellness providers. We will also see new developments in engagement techniques through technology innovations.

In terms of wellness industry, I think we will see a trend to towards integrating wellness more closely with Healthcare through medical devices, medical records, and physician recommendation. Prevention will eventually be widely recognized as upstream treatment for health issues.

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