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WinView Games Announces The Official Launch Of WinView Games App For NFL And NCAA Fans

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WinView Games is a Silicon Valley-based company focused on free mobile two-screen synchronized televised sports games for prizes in the U.S. WinView is the pioneer of synchronized two-screen TV and creators of live television sports play-along experience WinView Games. Below is our interview with David B. Lockton, President and Chief Executive Officer at WinView Games:


Q: Describe WinView to the average consumer?

A: WinView is the first play along live sports experience where sports fans across the nation compete against each other, friends and family while watching the game, for cash and bragging rights.

WinView’s two-screen platform tests fans’ football knowledge and instincts in a true game of skill, challenging users in real time as the football drama unfolds.

WinView Games is a new model of sports fan engagement that doesn’t require money and is beyond daily fantasy, a thrilling mobile game experience synced with live TV sports, including pro and college football.

For correctly predicting the plays on the field, winners can earn cash prizes.

WinView Games is a free ad-supported app, available for both iOS and Android users, and legal in every U.S. state.

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Q: You’ve recently announced the official launch of its WinView Games app for NFL and NCAA football fans; tell us how this is going?

A: While we just started marketing last weekend, we are seeing downloads double every several days.

We are pleased with the feedback we’ve received thus far, from casual sports fans to dedicated fantasy football players, through app store reviews, social media conversation and in-person reaction.

With over 200 million football viewers, we have a large audience to cover and reach, but given 26-28 million viewers watch each of the three national televised games Thursday, Sunday and Monday, we’ve coordinated our game schedule to reflect the top games which bodes well for us in terms of engagement.

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Q: WinView pioneered free mobile second-screen synchronized televised sports games for prizes in the U.S.; tell us something more about your foundational patents and unique business model?

A: In Europe, this live synched two screen ‘In-game’ has scaled to a huge business in the last 4 years, 40 times larger than daily fantasy in the larger U.S. market which has ultimately set the stage for WinView Games as a breakthrough concept here with an average sports viewership of 230 million.

Two Screen sports-betting evolves with the implementation of mobile phones and the internet, we’ve created a platform that offers sports enthusiasts the ability to compete in real time throughout the duration of the game, legally and for cash.

We have significant foundational intellectual property that covers the many varieties of approaches to synching a second screen to the TV as it applies to a live sports broadcast and providing a competitive game relating to it. In addition, the creating of separate rooms, contest, and simultaneous competitions based on the same event from on quarter to a week, essential to monetizing games of skill is fully covered.


Q: What can we expect from WinView in next 12 months?

A: Basketball, baseball, and ESports will be added to the schedule after the 2016 football season, beginning in 2017.

In addition to pro and college football, WinView Games platform will ultimately provide the two-screen game experience across multiple sports, including soccer, mixed martial arts, golf and NASCAR, and many more, including the explosive new category of eSports.

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Q: What business achievement are you most proud of?

A: We are immensely proud of the work the team has done since our initial Beta testing last year in order to launch the app just in time for the 2016 football season. We’ve successfully rolled out the app on both iOS and Android in order to not limit accessibility amongst sports fans, and will continue to add many enhancements throughout the season.

Our due diligence, development and market research over the past year alone has ensured WinView Games is a cutting edge technology and concept America’s sports fans have been missing out on, while the live-synced ‘in-game’ competition concept has scaled to a huge business in other countries, particularly in Europe.

It’s gratifying to see this transformation of the TV fans relationship with the TV experience we invented and pioneered, many years ago has finally seen the required technology reach the market to fully support it.

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