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American Muscle Docks Delivers Boat Dock Solutions For Every Type Of Customer – Especially Those Who Want An Eye-Catching Custom Look

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* – This article has been archived and is no longer updated by our editorial team –

American Muscle Docks is a manufacturer of both Floating and Stationary boat dock systems, dock hardware, aluminum gangways and marina accessories. Wood, Steel Truss, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum boat docks & hardware are produced under American Muscle Docks roof – allowing for cost savings and ability to customize to meet many order specifications.

The term “Muscle Docks” describes the main focus of AM Docks. More steel & more welds, add up to a stronger product that will withstand harsher water environments. Wood Dock hardware, Steel Truss hardware, Steel Truss frames, C-channel dock kits, Ramps, and Jet Ski Lifts, utilize additional strength with metal in such ways as: seam welding, corner gussets, horizontal & vertical supports, thicker male/female connection tabs, and elongated pre-punched holes. The fabrication methods used by AM Docks helps give the customer a stronger product for the price of other weaker options on the market.

Along with focusing on strength, AMD also focuses on ways to make their boat docks customizable and look unique. AMD’s patented Dock Flash options gives customers many options in customizing their docks. Dock Flash is a new and affordable way to own a customized floating dock system. Dock Flash allows an individual or business to take a normal boat dock and transform it into a beacon for attention! Before Dock Flash, decking was the major upgrade when buying a boat dock, but now Dock Flash allows a customer to express their artistic side by adding patterned & colored 304 stainless steel skirting to the outside of the dock, with the option of adding color coordinating LED lighting.

Below is our recent interview with Lucas Diserio, CEO at AMD:

Q: What is your mission?

A: To build stronger, simpler, and more aesthetically pleasing dock systems, and dock hardware, for commercial and residential applications. We strive for innovative manufacturing techniques to give our customers a unique and superior product for a better price. We build everything with the attitude of letting our product speak for itself.

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Q: What advantage does AMD have over its competitors?

A: • AMD fabricates their boat dock hardware in house. Being that AMD fabricates their own hardware, it cuts out the middleman and allows AMD to fabricate custom pieces, quickly, and at a cost savings, to meet many design specifications.
• AMD offers dock solutions for every type of customer and water requirements. Light-duty pond docks to heavy-duty ocean docks are offered allowing AMD to never have to turn a customer away.
• AMD offers Dock Flash. AMD’s Patented Dock Flash is a process of adding decorative skirting to the outside of a boat dock that adds both aesthetic enhancements and safety. Dock Flash draws attention to the dock, hides areas under the dock that collect debris, and hides open spaces in the side of a dock frame that could trap hands and arms between the dock frame and boat. AMD offers many styles and designs of Dock Flash options.

Q: What hardware do you offer?

A: AMD fabricates and offers hardware for wood, steel truss, c-channel, stainless steel, and aluminum for both floating and stationary docks. AMD is also a fabricator of aluminum gangways and ramps.

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Q: What type of customer would benefit the most from your products?

A: All customers can benefit from AMD’s array of products offered, but those customers looking for the most unique, specialized, and eye-catching docks would benefit the most from our proprietary products and services offered. Restaurants, businesses, city docks, etc. can really benefit by having boat docks match, and enhance, the color and design of their buildings.

Q: What are you plans for the future?

A: AMD’s short term plans are to expand their building capacity in order to meet the growing demands. AMD also plans to acquire warehouses in the four corners of the US to help with logistics, delivery time, and ever increasing shipping costs. AMD’s future goals are all centered around the customer, being different, and evolving with the changing world.

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