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CRM Software Company Commence Corporation Delivers Exceptional Value To Growing Businesses

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* – This article has been archived and is no longer updated by our editorial team –

Below is our recent interview with Larry Caretsky, CEO at Commence Corporation:

Larry Caretsky

Q: Larry, could you tell us something more about Commence Corporation?

A: The CRM software sector is highly competitive with a myriad of companies and products to choose from. Despite this there are very few alternatives for companies that need more than a basic out of the box CRM solution, but not the cost and complexity of products serving the enterprise market. We have targeted this segment, selling to companies that need a feature rich solution, that’s scalable and customizable enough to address their unique business requirements. We understand this sector because we have been providing business software and application development tools to the small and mid-size community for two decades. In addition, we are differentiated by the array of value added services we offer that ensures that our product gets properly implemented, employees are properly trained and our customers realize a rapid return on their investment.

Q: Can you give us insights into your features?

A: Commence CRM offers a comprehensive suite of business software for managing Accounts and Contacts, Activities, Notes and History, Calendaring, E-mail, Lead Qualification and Management, Sales Opportunity Management, Marketing with bulk e-mail distribution and both text based and graphical Reporting. In addition, companies can add a Help Desk Ticketing feature with an FAQ, Knowledgebase and an internet based customer portal. We have also recently introduced a fully integrated Project Management system with a Gantt chart that graphically displays where each project is in its deployment cycle. This level of functionality and customizability is simply not available at Commence CRM’s price points. The product is also modular in design which enables customers to select only the applications they require at time of purchase. Customers really like this flexibility.

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Q: Generating new leads can be very frustrating job, which is why you have introduced an affordable marketing enablement program; could you tell us something more?

A: Small to mid-size business often struggle to hire highly experienced sales and marketing management. People with this skill set can be hard to find and are often too expensive to bring on board full time. As a result, building brand recognition via new digital marketing channels and generating new leads presents a significant challenge for these businesses. Commence has introduced a marketing enablement program that fills this gap by offering professional marketing services coupled with our CRM software. The combination of tools and experienced resources has enable customers to improve their visibility via social networking sites, generate bulk e-mail campaigns, and create valuable content for distribution, all leading to generating more leads and closing more business.

Q: What is Sales Enablement? How does it work?

A: Customers and prospects have high expectations today. Providing an immediate response to their inquiries, could be the difference between winning and losing a sales. Unfortunately many sales organizations are simply not prepared to address this. Sales enablement is just a more efficient way to do things. We use our CRM software to automate and streamline the internal business processes that enable you to capture and track every lead, automate and manage the sales cycle and get real time updates of where every new business opportunity is in the funnel. Our professional services staff helps formulating a sales plan, that ensures that your sales team has the tools and collateral they need to efficiently interact with customers and prospects in a real time environment because that is what’s required to be successful today. The uniqueness of Commence is that we don’t simply sell you a tool and hope you utilized it. We integrate people, processes and technology for improved business performance.

Q: There’s a lot of CRM solutions out there; what makes yours stand out?

A: Well as stated above we offer a comprehensive suite of applications with the scalability and customizability that rival enterprise products costing much more. In addition, the array of sales, marketing and customer support services we provide is unmatched in the small to mid-size business sector. If you are looking for a basic contact manager with a sales forecast there are a myriad of options, but if you have driving interest in improving how you market, sell and provide service to your customers and you appreciate that you may require assistance in meeting this objective, then Commence CRM is the ideal solution and company to partner with.

Q: What can we expect from Commence in the future?

A: We have made it our business to introduce new products and services each year and have kept this promise to our customers for more than two decades. We believe CRM will begin to shift its focus from data capture and improving internal operations to data analysis using tools like artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze and predict trends and buying patterns. We are evaluating these capabilities today in order to deliver them to customers in the future. We also feel that they will continue to be a need for tighter integration with third party solutions and social networking sites. Our goal is to deliver the tools to make this as seamless as possible.

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