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An Interview With Kevin Hobbs: CEO Of Vanbex Group

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Below is our recent interview with Kevin Hobbs, Vancouver blockchain entrepreneur. Kevin has been involved in the blockchain industry since 2013 where his interest stemmed from how blockchain technology can better suit our business processes in the future.

Q: Could you tell us something more about Vanbex Group?

Kevin Hobbs: Sure. Vanbex Group is a blockchain consulting and marketing firm that was founded in 2013 by Lisa Cheng. At that time, bitcoin was a relatively new idea. Lisa ultimately left her career in software and created a database for $500 in bitcoin. The rest is history. Since those early days, Vanbex Group has evolved from a strategic communications firm into a full stack consulting and development company in the blockchain space. Helping established companies and startups harness this emerging technology.

Q: What has been your biggest role in growing the company?

Kevin Hobbs: Lisa brought me on as CEO in 2015. Since then, I’ve helped grow the company from a small group of 5 people to a team of over 60. I am grateful for all the support and clients that we have had along the way — but I’m most proud of the accomplishments we’ve achieved in just a few short years. Vanbex Group has grown to become one of the largest blockchain companies in North America.

Q: Blockchain is becoming a major disrupter in our society. Is it going anywhere?

Kevin Hobbs: In a word, no. Blockchain has and will continue to revolutionize every industry. I see no signs of it slowing down. From banks implementing digital tokens to e-commerce transactions, the technology can be compared to the evolution of the internet, in my eyes. What the internet did for the exchange of information, blockchain can do for the exchange of digital assets and improve on the sending, securing and storing of information. I truly believe in blockchain’s potential to reshape our society and economy for the better.

Q: Tell us about your most recent project, Rocket.

Kevin Hobbs: Rocket allows companies to set up their Digital Asset Offering one such offering is a Security Token Offering (STO) in minutes, without any technical knowledge required, and while lowering costs to a fraction of that associated with traditional methods of securitization. Rocket handles all of the back-end smart contracts associated with an STO, providing a simple and easy to use visual interface for security token buyers. It’s similar to shopping on Amazon with the added benefit of merchant verification and built in compliance measures.

Q: You are an advocate of charitable causes. How have you used your success for giving back?

Kevin Hobbs: It believe it is our responsibility to give back. We’ve been fortunate enough to donate to charities and social causes, which include the United Way, Ronald McDonald house, Big Brothers, and the Canadian Cancer Society. Through Vanbex Cares, we can help give back through educating people to adapt new blockchain and smart contract technology to help make charitable giving more transparent and efficient.

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