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An Interview With Marina Safonov Ph.D., CEO At H2 UNIVERSE LLC

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Written by: Marina Safonov, Ph.D. CEO at H2 UNIVERSE

How it all started:

In 2009 my husband, Dr. Vladimir Safonov, was approached by professor Dusan Milkovic the inventor of AquaActive (hydrogen generating powder) who needed help for understanding of what was happening upon dilution of his powder in water. Dusan was measuring only increase in NORP and alkalinity and did not have a clear idea about what was really happening. My husband conducted pioneer NMR experiments with professor Khitrin and demonstrated that in fact hydrogen nano bubbles were generated. The result was published in V.L. Safonov and A.K. Khitrin, Hydrogen nanobubbles in a water solution of dietary supplement, Colloids and Surfaces A, 436, 5, 2013.

Since then we found multiple benefits of hydrogen and experienced overall health improvement.

However, my husband and I worked full time and were not able to spend much time in hydrogen therapy research until the mid 2018 when I quit my job and was able to dedicate myself to hydrogen-related research and development.

In the spring of 2019, we formed the H2 UNIVERSE, LLC in Granbury Texas with our partner, a technology expert from Rochester, NY. Our company website. We run Hydrogen Universe group and “H2 Universe” Page on Facebook, and have presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

H2 Universe Mission and Goals:

The Slogan and fundamental goal of H2 UNIVERSE LLC: “Live a Healthier and Longer Life”.

Through science and innovation we are developing new Hydrogen-related products.

Our mission is to educate people about the advantages and the science behind Hydrogen Therapy and to make Hydrogen products available to the public, so they can Leave a Healthier and Longer Life.

H2 UNIVERSE, LLC is a start-up, headquartered in Granbury, Texas. We intend to be the leader in inexpensive, ultra high-speed technology for drug-combination transdermal drug delivery systems and so on for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. It’s a common practice for Pharmaceutical companies to formulate transdermal drugs with skin permeation chemical enhancers, also referred to as penetration enhancers. We believe that our technology would hydrogen-enhanced transdermal patch does not require a drug to have added chemicals in the form of enhancers. Further, the effect of hydrogen can reduce the side effects of the drug, because hydrogen is an anti-inflammatory agent and good antioxidant. When a company wants leading edge solutions – we intend to be the first name to come to mind.

One of the goals of H2 Universe is to commercialize our HyPatch© and other products in the pipeline. I encourage your readers to review our investors tab on our website –

Why Hydrogen?

Hydrogen (H2) therapy is an emerging field that utilizes molecular hydrogen for the treatment of various human diseases. Basic and clinical research has revealed that hydrogen is an important physiological regulatory factor with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-apoptotic effects. The effects of hydrogen treatment on oxidative stress- and inflammatory-related diseases are well documented. Molecular hydrogen is also the smallest antioxidant which can spread very quickly in your body and reach the smallest capillaries and even go through the brain blood barrier.

In the last decade Hydrogen Therapy is a rapidly growing area; there are over a thousand medical-scientific papers published on the therapeutic effects of hydrogen. The successful use of H2 treatment of oxidative stress and related inflammatory diseases including flu and cold is well scientifically documented.

Presented below are diagrams of the effect of Hydrogen on human body.

Therapeutic Opportunities of Hydrogen in a Variety of Disease Models

C.-S. Huang, T. Kawamura, Y. Toyoda, A. Nakao, Recent advances in hydrogen research as a therapeutic medical gas, Free Radical Research, 44 (9) (2010) 971-982

Clinical Effects of Hydrogen on Different Diseases

L. Nicolson et al. Clinical Effects of Hydrogen Administration: From Animal and Human Diseases to Exercise Medicine. International Journal of Clinical Medicine, 2016, 7, 32-76


  • Hydrogen works as an antioxidant preventing and fighting many diseases and promoting general well-being
  • Hydrogen supports overall physical and mental activity and boosts your metabolism
  • Hydrogen gives you energy and maintain your well being
  • Hydrogen helps to maximize your endurance
  • Hydrogen improves your healthy life span and vitality
  • Hydrogen may prevent and help fighting Cold and Flu (US patent pending: “Alleviating Common Cold and Influenza Symptoms with Molecular Hydrogen Technical Field”)

Featured products:

One of our products is a dietary supplement called True Nano H2 that instantaneously delivers molecular hydrogen into our body. We offer this product in the form of capsules. The capsule format makes True Nano H2 the most comfortable product which instantly and safely supplies hydrogen to your body in the comfort of your home, during travel and any physical activity.

In each capsule active hydrogen is trapped in a food-grade biopolymeric matrix. Each capsule will release 1 mg, or about 12 mL or 0.5 ounces of molecular hydrogen into our body upon dissolution of capsule by stomach fluids. Hydrogen enters the bloodstream and acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent assisting our body to fight with oxidative stress including viral infections. In other words, it enhances your body’s immunity. Dietary supplement True Nano H2 is completely safe and does not have any side effects.

We simply call our product VITAMIN H2.

Hydrogen also is the best antioxidant. Many foods contain vitamins and antioxidants. For comparison, to get the same amount of antioxidant that gives you one True Nano H2 capsule, you need to eat either 756 bananas, or 516 apples, or 38 carrots, or almost 4 pumpkins, or to drink 0.5 gallons (3 half liter bottles) of electrolyzed water.

Our product is absolutely safe and has no side effects.

True Nano H2 as a Remedy for Flu and Cold:

The majority of viral-induced symptoms in a person are not caused by virus itself, but by the overproduction of immune cells or anti inflammatory cytokine storm, and by oxidative stress which promotes mis-functioning of an organ, or so-called Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome (MODS). Cytokine storm and MODS are a common phenomenon in a flu (influenza) infection. Therefore, suppression of the cytokine storm and reduction of oxidative stress can significantly alleviate the symptoms of influenza and the common cold. Molecular hydrogen (H2) is a well-known antioxidant that could provide anti-inflammation effect and suppress the cytokine storm. The successful use of H2 treatment of oxidative stress and related inflammatory diseases including flu and cold is well scientifically documented.

True Nano H2, boosts a person’s immune response to a viral infection, in so doing defeats the virus.

We suggest to take 1 to 2 capsules daily as a preventive remedy and to start taking one or two True Nano H2 capsules every 2 hours, within the first 24 to 48 hours from the onset of symptoms of a viral infection; total up to 8 to 10 capsules a day for one to three days.

Future products:

Our new hydrogen skin therapy using HyPatch© and T-HyPatch© technologies, in development, will drive the success of our businesses the most. Accordingly, we believe that our unique talents and experiences provide H2 UNIVERSE the opportunity to become a world leader in the hydrogen and hydrogen-drug combination transdermal delivery and other applications.


We have developed and manufactured the first ever hydrogen generating medical reservoir transdermal patch from off-the-shelf raw materials.

The most common methods of delivery of molecular hydrogen are: inhalation (via breathing of hydrogen gas), oral (H2-rich water, capsules, and / or tablets that create molecular hydrogen), by IV infusion of saline saturated with molecular hydrogen and via skin by bathing in hydrogen-enriched water. These methods have their advantages and disadvantages and serve for specific purposes of healing and therapy.

Our patch technology utilizes a new method of delivering molecular hydrogen. We are offering a Hydrogen-Generating Patch (HyPatch©) for external use on the skin for therapeutic effect. HyPatch© could potentially resolve such indications as soft tissue injuries, muscle stretch, muscle pain, tennis elbow, tendinitis, back pain, arthritis, healing of wounds, and diabetic ulcers. HyPatch© generates hydrogen via a chemical reaction. The delivery process involves diffusion of molecular hydrogen through component layers and into the skin, leaving behind the components of the chemical reaction within the patch.

HyPatch© is safe, self-contained, easy to use, easy to transport, store, and dispose of and designed to be self-administered. HyPatch© is not known to cause any allergies. The skin contact component of HyPatch© is made from Hypoallergenic material.

Soon to launch HyPatch©

Here is one of the Examples of the effect of HyPatch©: the young lady tore a ligament in her ankle. First picture (left) was taken before she start applied HyPatch©. She continued applying HyPatch© for 4 days for 5 hours a day. After four daily applications of HyPatch© (right picture) her inflammation was almost gone.

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We are currently developing the enhancement of the action of molecular hydrogen in a device drug combination application for targeted therapy. A hydrogen drug combination application readily offers a couple of advantages. Suggested Transdermal HyPatch© (T-HyPatch©) will be applied to the skin for a drug / hydrogen targeted therapy. Compared with just a hydrogen patch (HyPatch©) or just a medical transdermal patch, T-HyPatch© has several advantages. Firstly, hydrogen penetrating into a skin increases activity of cells and gives a local boost, which naturally contributes to better drug absorption. Secondly, the effect of hydrogen can reduce the side effects of the drug due to it’s know positive effect on the immune system, And lastly hydrogen itself will contribute to the therapeutic effect of a drug.

Scientific Study and Publications:

Appearance of Hydrogen Nanobubbles in H2-saturated solutions:

Pioneer NMR experiments have demonstrated that in H2-saturated solutions hydrogen exist in the form of nanobubbles.

Published: V.L. Safonov and A.K. Khitrin, Hydrogen nanobubbles in a water solution of dietary supplement, Colloids and Surfaces A, 436, 5, 2013.

Effect of Hydrogen on liver injury:

Hydrogen was determined to have good efficacy for reducing key blood level biomarkers associated with liver injury suggesting that Hydrogen may provide novel option for the treatment of several liver diseases by decreasing of accumulation of toxins and reduction of levels of serum liver enzymes.

Publication is in preparation: B. Gedulin and M. Safonov, Evaluation of Effect Biologically Active Hydrogen-Generated Powder Blended in Food Pellets in Rat Model of Liver Injury.

Hydrogen improves healthy life span and vitality:

The in-vitro study was aimed at determining the effect of hydrogen on the physiology and longevity of Drosophila as a longevity model. It was discovered that the consumption of hydrogen-producing food supplement extends the life span in Drosophila. The study results also demonstrated that Hydrogen delays accelerated mortality of the mitochondrial peroxiredoxin mutant, confers positive effects on the intestinal barrier function and restores activity impaired in the mitochondrial peroxiredoxin mutant.

Published in: “Supplementation with hydrogen-producing composition confers beneficial effects on physiology and life span in Drosophila” Hellion 5 (2019) e01679;

Effect of Hydrogen on Human Skin Cells:

Results of the in-vitro study on the effect of Hydrogen on the restoration of skin using human skin cell cultures demonstrate that human skin cells treated with HyPatch© were more viable, migrated faster, and their collagen expression level was almost twice as high as in untreated cells. These results indicate that treatment of damaged human skin with HyPatch© will promote the healing.

Submitted for publication: Marina Safonov, Hydrogen generating patch improves skin cell viability


We are a group of highly educated scientists and technologists who understand the benefits of hydrogen and dedicated to the development of new hydrogen-related products. Molecular hydrogen is a simple solution— with many benefits— that is going to help many people promote healthier and longer life.


Dr. Marina Safonov has over 20 years of experience in Biotech-Pharmaceutical industry and over 10 years of fundamental research and supervisory / management experience. Dr. Marina Safonov has extensive experience in all phases of drug and device-drug combination development. She led integrated CMC (Chemistry Manufacturing Controls) programs for startups and pharmaceutical giants such as Novartis. Dr. Safonov has excellent knowledge of GMP and regulatory requirements for drugs and devices. She pioneered research in the area of superoxide radical generation and oxidative stress, and published over 20 scientific articles in peer review journals. She served as a reviewer on Medical Biology panel for projects for the new research center at SkTech-MIT (Cambridge, MA and Skolkovo, Russia).

Dr. Safonov has a unique combination of industrial and academic experience which builds an excellent foundation for the success of H2 Universe LLC. She brings to the team a combination of an excellent knowledge of fundamental sciences and extensive industry experience in all phases of drug and device development. She is capable of developing a strategy for the win-win approach on how to successfully complete the project, bring to the community high quality products, and to lead people to a better quality and healthier life.

Selected publications and Patents

Dr. Safonov has two US patents in drug development and four patent applications in hydrogen therapy.

Klichko, V.I., Safonov, V.L., Safonov, M.Yu., Radyuk, S.N. (2019) Supplementation with hydrogen-producing composition confers beneficial effects on physiology and life span in Drosophila. Heliyon 5 e01679, 6 pages.

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