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An Interview With Rusty Tweed – The Founder Of Tweed Financial Services

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Rusty Tweed is an entrepreneur and financial expert from Los Angeles. He has built a range of successful companies including Tweed Financial Services, TFS Properties, and Mold Zero. Tweed Financial Services offers a wide range of services including financial planning, risk analysis, and investments. Tweed entered the financial services industry over 25 years ago, working to help his clients achieve financial success throughout his career.

Tweed grew up in Waterloo, Ontario. His education was in the field of mechanical engineering. His transition to financial services happened at an early point in his career. He was able to use his significant level of entrepreneurial skills to build thriving businesses.

Rusty Tweed has helped his clients plan for retirement, navigate complex taxation issues, and has helped them to plan for a prosperous future.

Q: Could you tell our readers about the goals of Tweed Financial Services?

A: Tweed Financial Services is a multi-focus company which can help businesses and individuals deal with usual and complicated financial issues. My staff of investment advisors assist the client to meet their goals through careful study of their financial issues. I believe that a client must have trust in their financial advisor, and that our company provides a necessary service to the community.

Q: Are you involved in any other lines of business besides Tweed Financial Services?

A: I do have several other ventures with which I am involved. TFS Properties is my real estate company. I own several rental properties as well as marketing others for sale. Mold Zero is my newest venture, providing a crucial service to homeowners and businesses which are afflicted with dangerous molds and mildew.

Q: In your view, what should business owners hold as their top priorities?

A: I believe that all businesses, first and foremost, must be trustworthy. Financial and real estate issues can have a serious impact on a clients life, and we take this responsibility to heart. Integrity in all business dealings leads to trust between the client and the company.

I would also say that the quality of the services you provide should be high up on the list of priorities. Make sure that your services are equal to or better than the best companies in your area. This will help you compete with other businesses and will draw in more clients who have heard about your excellent services through word of mouth.

Q: What are some issues that a novice investor should consider?

A: First, a novice investor needs to make sure that they have enough saved for retirement. Ideally, it is best to start saving for retirement when you are still in your twenties. If you can’t start saving until a later age, you will have to scale back the risk profile of your investments. I encourage all of our clients to hold a 401(k) in addition to investments in stocks and bonds. It is important to balance risk with reward. If you don’t take any risks, you might as well keep your money in a savings account.

Q: How does your firm make use of technology?

A: All of my business ventures take technology seriously. We use advanced software programs to help us organize our information and to help us provide accurate data to our clients. I train my staff on technology issues frequently, and I encourage all business owners to do the same. With robust technology, you can get much more done with the same number of employees, or you can free up your employees’ time to spend on person-to-person contact with clients.

Q: What do you see for the future of your companies?

A: I hope that all of my companies will be thriving in five years’ time. TPS Properties plans to invest more in commercial buildings over the next five years. Tweed Financial Services is expanding their customer base to include more individual clients, focusing on wealth management. Mold Zero is a new venture which is just getting off the ground, and I would like to expand it to more states and metro areas.

Q: What do you do to relax in your spare time?

A: Volunteering is my chief activity outside of work. I have been involved with promoting solar power and supporting various community organizations. I also enjoy golf, photography, and relaxing with my family.

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