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Auvik Makes Network Management Very Simple—But Still Powerful!

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Auvik is developing cloud software that helps companies to manage their IT networks. Engineers from Auvik built their system to automatically map, monitor, and configure a network. Last year Auvik raised $6 Million in venture capital funding. Below is our interview with Marc Morin, CEO of Auvik Networks:

Marc-MorinQ: Marc, tell us something more about your startup background?

A: I’ve started a handful of tech companies over the years, starting with PixStream in 1996. PixStream was focused on video networking, and it was acquired by Cisco in 2000. Then I co-founded Sandvine, a company that supplies deep packet inspection and policy platforms for large carrier networks. It’s still a thriving publicly traded firm though I left in 2007 to stretch my wings on another new venture called Emforium. That one didn’t work out — wrong product, too early in the market — so I was definitely up for something new when Alex Hoff called me with the idea of co-founding Auvik in 2011.

I love being an entrepreneur and am grateful to have been involved in collaborating on so many wonderful companies. I’m also an investor now too, backing other tech companies here in Canada.

Q: Auvik helps companies manage their IT networks. Tell us something more about your core competence?

A: Our home page says we provide “Amazingly simple, wickedly powerful network management” and that really sums up what we do. IT networking is far more difficult than it should be. The systems people use to set up and operate the advanced equipment in their corporate networks haven’t improved much since the 1990s! So our focus is on simplifying and automating IT administration.

We’ve built our system to automatically map, monitor, and configure a network. With Auvik, hundreds of normally complex and time-consuming tasks are reduced to simple, automated steps. And it’s all done through a beautiful and easy-to-use interface.

We have two versions of our software, one for corporate IT pros and one for managed service providers. (MSPs manage multiple networks at once.) But for both groups, it’s all about making it as fast, painless, easy, and efficient as possible to manage IT infrastructure.


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Q: What are the key features/benefits of your new MSP Edition software?

A: Auvik MSP Edition has everything a managed service provider needs to efficiently manage all their customer networks at once. For starters, every network that an MSP manages can be seen and accessed through one screen. Viewing, troubleshooting, or managing a whole roster of customers becomes as simple as clicking around a screen.

Another great thing about the software is how quickly MSPs can onboard new customers with it. Typically, it takes days of finicky setup and configuration to add a new customer to an MSP roster. But with Auvik, it takes minutes. All they have to do is install Auvik on a customer network and the system automatically maps and inventories every device on the network and launches with pre-configured monitoring.

Third, Auvik MSP Edition is an incredibly easy way to do RMM — remote monitoring and management of networks. MSPs are usually stuck building clunky virtual tunnels, one by one, to communicate with the various networks they manage. With Auvik, remote management is only a click away. We’re talking just seconds to get into any machine on a network. That’s an incredible time-saver for MSPs.


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Q: Is there anything that sets Auvik apart from similar companies?

A: In the networking industry, there’s a lot of talk about taming complexity and automating rote tasks but not many products that actually deliver. We deliver. We are honestly the easiest network management tool you or your IT pro will ever use.

As well, a lot of existing network management tools are hosted on-premises. As a result, those tools tend to be complicated and time-consuming to roll out, expensive to license, and hard to maintain. Auvik is hosted in the cloud — it’s efficient, flexible, and easy to use. We’re able to continually release new features and improvements. It’s secure too.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We have huge plans for Auvik! We have 7 rules that we collectively call the Auvik Way. One of those rules is “Awesome or Bust” and bust isn’t really an option. You can expect big things from Auvik.

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