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Aware IM 8.2 – The Latest Version Of The Ground-Breaking Web Database Applications Development Platform

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* – This article has been archived and is no longer updated by our editorial team –

Below is our recent interview with Vladimir Simkin, the founder of Aware IM:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Aware IM?

A: Aware IM is an innovative rapid application development tool, that allows technical people to create web database applications extremely quickly without prior knowledge of web or database technologies.

Q: You’ve recently released version 8.2 – the latest generation of your low-code platform. Could you tell us what’s new with this version?

A: Version 8.2 introduces a number of new features:
– Enhanced Support for Concurrent Development
Version 8.2 makes it easier for several developers to use a version control system to work on the same application concurrently. Individual elements of the development version (business objects, queries, processes etc) can be checked-in and checked-out. Aware IM can now be used by larger organizations that have IT departments with many developers.
– Single Sign On using SAML protocol
Larger organizations also need a single sign-on that allows them to login into several applications at once using just one set of credentials. Version 8.2 incorporates the industry-standard protocol for single sign-on, called SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language). Now Aware IM-based applications can re-use an identity of another application, so that Aware IM users do not need to login again.
– Use Your Own HTML forms
Until version 8.2 developers could only use “native” Aware IM forms – forms that Aware IM fully creates and manages. Version 8.2 adds extra flexibility of using raw HTML forms that can be created using any HTML editor outside of Aware IM. These forms can then be imported into Aware IM and used in an application just like “native” forms
– Kanban Boards
Version 8.2 makes it extremely easy for developers to create their own Kanban boards – a very powerful feature that can be used in many different applications. A Kanban board usually has several lists and the user can drag and drop elements from one list to another

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Q: What are the main features of your platform? What makes it so great?

A: Aware IM is a non-procedural rule based application engine that offers 10 X speed of development, and maintenance compared to the next fastest environment. It accomplishes this:
– via rules instead of 100’s of lines of procedural code
Example: customers and invoices:
Compare the following 2 rules to the logic that would be required whenever an invoice is entered, deleted, changed, payment applied, payment changed in any other development environment. There is NO need to specify WHEN this should happen. The rules engine knows when rules should be triggered and is recursive, so, for instance, if a payment has been applied to an invoice, then the Invoice rule is run. The engine realizes that the AmountOpen is used in another rule, so that rule is triggered. etc. etc. Invoice has rule: “Invoice.amountOpen = Invoice.totalAmount – Invoice.totalPaid”; Customer has rule: “Customer.totalOwed = SUM Invoice.amountOpen WHERE (Invoice IN Customer.ownsInvoice)
– via Business Objects instead of SQL Tables
A Business Object looks “Like” a SQL view but with ability to display and access attributes of parent and/or children objects
– via entire development environment stored in DB not in flat source files
Adding, changing, deleting attributes automatically propagate to the appropriate forms; database is “altered” to support any changes to the structure
– being database and o/s and device agnostic
Supports responsive layouts via rules; while system can access underlying databases (for Stored Procedures, views, etc.), the application is DB independent

Aware IM unique features:
– Business Objects vs. Tables (Incorporate display and business rules can be simple primitives or relationships)
– Non-procedural rules based engine vs. 1000’s of lines of low level code.
– Visual Perspectives (Dynamic rules based, access level based User Interface)
– Reports and Presentations (dynamic reports) built in
– Integrated Security System
– Scalability and ability to handle large volumes of data
– Integrated Calendar and Email Logic
– Entire application logic stored in DB (no source files, integrated version control)
– Flexible responsive User Interface (supporting multiple devices and resolution)
– Mobile development
– Web services
– Ability to integrate with corporate systems – support for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, integration with Active Directory/LDAP

Aware IM Benefits:
– Speed of development and a large increase in productivity
– Flexible refactoring
– Database/OS/browser independent
– Applications can be deployed in the Cloud as SaaS or installed on a company’s server
– Maintaining applications and enhancing them – with Aware IM it is a small effort compared with heavy coded applications.
– Aware IM helps you to develop and deliver “on time” and “on budget” with limited resources

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Q: Why is now the time for a technology solution like Aware IM?

A: Modern web applications get more and more sophisticated. Developing such an application is hard. Very hard. And it gets harder and harder as applications and technologies evolve. You need to know many technologies and programming languages. You need to invest a lot of time and fix many bugs and issues. Aware IM makes it easier and faster. In fact, a lot easier and a lot faster. And much less risky. And you don’t need to know all of these technologies. Whether you are a person with a technical mindset or a professional developer you can develop great web applications using Aware IM. We see in the market an increasing need for professional technical resources, since development is “endless” and maintaining applications becomes a nightmare.

Q: What can we expect from you in the future?

A: More features that will make applications even easier to create. Aware IM will continue to increase productivity and make it easier to maintain complex state-of-the-art web applications.

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