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Bacula4 Backup – Unbeatable Levels Of Data Control And Protection

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Bacula4 allows everyone to safely and reliably backup and restore important data. Bacula4 is a Cartika company. Cartika provides a full range of services: cloud infrastructure hosting, application hosting, advanced clustering technologies, and data center backup solutions. Here is our interview with Andrew Rouchotas, CEO of Cartika and Bacula4:

Q: Bacula4 provides enterprise backup solutions to businesses and hosting providers. Tell us how you founded the company and something more about your background?

A: We started as a service provider 15 years ago, as Cartika. Around 5 years ago, we had a requirement for a backup and recovery solution and there was simply nothing in the market which accommodated our requirements. We needed the ability to backup many different operating systems, we needed to perform Bare Metal Restores (BMR) in case disaster struck, and most importantly, we needed all of our customers, regardless of which service or platform they had purchased from us, to be able to self service restore their own backup data and remove those requests and loads from our helpdesk. Lastly, we wanted to generate additional revenue streams and automate the process of selling backups as a service (baas). So, we built the bacula4 platform. Once we had it in production for several years internally, we decided to take the product to market as “bacula4hosts” as we realized other service providers had the same challenges we did. More recently, after further refining and developing the product, we launched the more generic “bacula4” brand and are taking our product to the business/enterprise market to help them solve their backup/dr strategies.


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Q: How does Cartika differ from other hosting companies?

A: Cartika offers a full range of services and allows customers to seamlessly grow from very small accounts to very large accounts. Our largest value adds in the market place are our service levels and our ability to allow customers to centrally manage and control, even the most complex solutions, across multiple geographies (USA and Canada with Europe coming soon), from a central, easy to use management portal. Customers can receive the infrastructure flexibility and capabilities they can’t get from companies like amazon, microsoft, google – however, they can get the support and associated services simply not available from the big box providers.

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Cartika offers managed hosting with cPanel and Plesk, as well as Managed Virtual Private Servers.

Cartika offers managed hosting with cPanel and Plesk, as well as Managed Virtual Private Servers.

Q: You’ve recently announced the release of a new cloud-enabled backup platform for business, tell us something more?

A: We provide businesses the opportunity to backup their data to their own storage devices hosted anywhere. They can also backup their data to our cloud – OR – they can do a combination of both (backup to their own storage devices and replicate backups to our cloud). Its a modern way of looking at data backups. We understand that the quantity of data backups are growing exponentially, as the number of servers/virtual machines being backed up are growing linearly. We accommodate these requirements by enabling simple commodity hardware to be used as storage devices. We only charge customers for the number of servers/virtual machines they are backing up – and unless our cloud storage is utilized, there is no charge for the amount of data a company/organization is backing up. Customers can add as much storage as they require, using inexpensive, high capacity disk.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We are continuing to develop our platform. Customers can already back up any infrastructure, located anywhere. Whether that is within their own facility/colo environment, whether they are hosted on large public clouds like amazon, google, microsoft, etc – they can quickly and easily backup their data and develop a simple and reliable DR solution. Moving forward, we are looking at further automating our offering so that it can be used as a migration platform for customers wishing to migrate VMs from one public cloud to another or for migrating from their own in house facilities to various public cloud. Additionally, we want to enable users with the ability to backup their workstations and laptops, along with restoring their own data or failed hard drives, in a simple, self service manner. Fundamentally speaking, as our societies reliance with respect to their data grows, our objective is to allow everyone to safely, reliably and cost effectively backup and restore whatever data is important to them personally or critical for their business requirements.

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