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BeatSend – Tell The World About Your Great Music

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BeatSend helps bands and musicians to reach important media coverage. It enables musicians to create and send effective emails covering their latest music or announcement to more then 350 music blogs and websites at once. Recent interview below is with Alexander Varney co-founder of BeatSend:


Q: What is BeatSend and how does it work?

A: BeatSend is an upcoming email service for bands and musicians that makes it easy to send their music to over 350 music blogs and sites at once, thereby greatly increasing their chance of getting media coverage and promotion.

Email announcements can be scheduled to be delivered at a set time and date, and this even considers the time zone of the music bloggers. Email announcements are filtered by music genres to make sure that music blogs only receive annoncements that are relevant to their area of interest. When an annoncement is sent out, the musicians and bands will have access to a dashboard that displays which bloggers have viewed their message and get a simple breakdown of views and clicks.


Q: What inspired you to start working on BeatSend? What were you doing before BeatSend?

A: We’ve always been very interested in the intersection of music and technology. We’re both ex music bloggers for over 3 years and we’ve later worked together in different music related startups.

Our background in music blogging is also what sparked the idea of BeatSend. Music bloggers receive hundreds of mails daily and are very busy people. We know exactly what gets the attention of music bloggers and we want to help musicians and bands with exactly that.

Q: How does connection between BeatSend and music blogs work?

A: The email annoncements will look like they are sent from the musicians’ own email addresses – the only difference is that our system makes sure that the email contains everything the music bloggers and journalists need to write about them.

We’re very serious about maintaining a good relationship with blogs. We work closely with music blogs to create a service that is valuable both for musicians and for journalists.


Q: How does BeatSend plan to generate revenue? What’s your monetization plan?

A: BeatSend is a paid product. It’s free to sign up for, but we charge a small fee for each email announcement sent with BeatSend. If you sign up for our waiting list and invite 3 people, you get your first announcement on BeatSend for free though.

Q: What is your main goal at the moment and when do you plan to launch BeatSend?

A: Our main goal right now is launching the first version of BeatSend and start collecting feedback from our users. Besides that, we’re really focusing on building our network of music blogs and sites. We are planning to launch BeatSend at the end of March 2014, if all goes well.

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