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BirdEye Closes The Loop Between Reputation Management And Customer Experience

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By reimagining the nature of customer feedback, BirdEye helps businesses acquire and retain connected customers in today’s digital reputation economy. BirdEye currently serves over 10,000 businesses ranging from SMBs to global F1000 brands and large digital agencies, and recently received $8 Million in Series A funding led by Trinity Ventures.

Below is our interview with Naveen Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO of BirdEye:

Naveen Gupta CEO of BirdEye Q: What are main benefits of using BirdEye platform? How is it different than existing platforms?

A: With BirdEye, businesses can generate new, authentic customer reviews and promote them across the web, boosting ratings and establishing a positive reputation to acquire new customers; at the same time, businesses can monitor unsolicited feedback on social channels and review sites in real-time in order to address each issue swiftly and effectively to retain customers. Rather than simply cleaning up reputations or listening to online conversations, we’ve developed a platform that dives beneath the surface, closing the loop between reputation management and customer experience. This mutual understanding between business and customer builds the trust required to increase sales.

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Q: What are your key features?

A: BirdEye provides real-time actionable insights through in-moment customer feedback requests through SMS or mobile apps as well as social listening across 50+ reviews sites, all displayed on one centralized dashboard. In addition, daily sentiment trend reports are sent to management each day. BirdEye turns customers into advocates through review marketing, automatically distributing positive feedback across social channels and review sites. Our platform provides each client with a personalized microsite displaying their best reviews from top review sites all in one place, boosting SEO optimization and establishing a positive online presence. Businesses can also benchmark performance across locations and against competitors based on customized success metrics.

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Q: You’ve recently announced BirdEye expanding with new offices in Dallas and Denver; tell us something more?

A: Our team is growing in response to the rapid expansion of our customer base and product development. We currently serve 10,000+ businesses and are now being pulled upmarket into enterprises, so to fulfill this demand we are aggressively building strong sales and customer success teams. As more and more businesses recognize the necessity of their online reputation and power of connected customers, we are prepared to provide them with the solutions they need.

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Q: What can we expect from BirdEye in the future? What are your plans?

A: There is huge opportunity for growth; reputation management and customer experience should be high priority to every business globally, as they drive customer retention and acquisition. Our recent $8 million investment from Trinity Ventures will fuel additional development of new capabilities to better serve our clients. The pace of the digitally connected customer society is not slowing down, and neither are we, so expect new features soon. We strive to be the most holistic source of accurate customer feedback analysis, improving businesses by providing excellent customer experiences built on authenticity, quality and trust.

Q: How would you convince the reader to start using BirdEye?

A: 92% of customers check reviews online before making a purchase. Ratings establish your business’s online credibility, and a negative reputation–or lack of presence–steers customers away. BirdEye’s in-moment feedback tools and real-time aggregation solve problems before they occur, and get happy customers’ voices heard so not only does your business appear at the top of online searches–authentic reviews establish your business as the reliable choice for buying decisions. The BirdEye platform is a streamlined solution to acquire and retain happy customers. In this increasingly digital society, your customers are in control. Not engaging with connected customers means losing them. It’s the survival of the highest rated.

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