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eRentPay – A Better Way To Manage Properties

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eRentPay‏ brings all the capabilities you would want and need to manage your rental properties to one place. Built with only the customer in mind, eRentPay is bringing in a bright new future for online property management. Putting the customer in the driver’s seat, eRentPay allows the landlord to truly decide what services they need and when. Below is our interview with Michael B Chapman, Founder of eRentPay:

Q: Michael, what is eRentPay?

A: eRentPay is an online property management tool for landlords to fully manage their properties on their own. It is a user-friendly website offering landlords and property managers the ability to manage all of their properties with pay-as-you go services for a low cost. Every landlord will have access through their registered account to safely and securely manage as many properties needed while only having to pay for what they really need or use for only $12 a month with no sign-up contract. The design, flow, and interface were built with the customer in mind, creating a simplified and easy to understand approach when viewing and utilizing a landlord or property manager account.

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Q: How did eRentPay start?

A: eREntPay started out of my own need to manage property. As an army veteran I would travel a lot, and using property managers just seemed to cost more than they were worth. I quickly found that there were no solutions already created for what I wanted; they were either way overpriced with contracts, or cheap but with almost no real services offered other than online payments and occasional tenant screening. This would not do. It became an obsession and took a long time to plan and build. Finally, the product was ready. An affordable, simple online property management tool for everyone that offered all the services you would really want and might need at one point. But creating it was just one aspect. I wanted to ensure that my customers had the same options and experience I wanted. They should know what the charges and services are upfront, they should not have to pay for services they honestly don’t want or need, and they should only have to pay for them when they actually need them. Everything that I myself ran into, only with an answer now, eRentPay!

Q: What are your key features?

A: This transparent property management tool allows landlords to use services as a “pay-as you-go” rather than continual payments for services they may not need. Services include: Online payments both ACH and Credit Cards, Payment History, Tenant Screening (Background, Credit and Eviction), Posting Property Vacancies Online on 12 multiple site to include Trulia, Zillow and Craigslist, Maintenance Requests, Email tenants, Create Online Rental Application, Create Online Rental Contract, e-sign any document to include your own contracts you can upload, upload and save documentation like contracts and applications and the Ask a Pro feature where the Landlord can have property management or real estate questions answered right away.

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Q: What makes eRentPay a good choice for landlords?

A: eRentPay is really the answer to a problem. How do you manage your own property for an affordable price? eRentPay is a property management tool for landlords to utilize to truly take control of their own properties and not only save money, but make a higher return on their investments. It gives them the ability to be virtually anywhere in the world and still have access to manage their properties with ease. It also gives them all the services they would need to manage those properties. So if you are like me, then you want to make the most of your property with as little stress and worry needed. Now landlords have it!

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Q: What are your plans for next six months?

A: A site like eRentPay is never truly finished. The customer experience really means something to me. Even now there are additions being made. I am hoping that in the next six months some smaller additions can be made such as development on state-by-state rental contracts and a full-time call-in or chat service to better assist customers. I would also like to see the company start dealing more into the property maintenance issues that customers may find themselves having as well. This will help finally bring the site full circle.

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