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BizMetrics – Key Metrics For Your SaaS Startup Business

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BizMetrics provides essential metrics for your SaaS business. You can choose between one-click hosted and self-hosted analytics for Braintree, Paymill and Stripe. It’s also important to mention that if you don’t have any revenue, BizMetrics won’t charge you anything. Here is our recent chat with João Antunes, founder of BizMetrics:

Q: What is BizMetrics?

A: BizMetrics is a service that gives you easy access to your business’ essential metrics. Our mission is to lower the effort needed to have the essential metrics for SaaS/subscription based business, freeing you to simply worry about how to improve them, not how to obtain them.

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Q: Tell us more about BizMetrics main features?

A: Currently, Bizmetrics offers a dashboard of essential SaaS metrics (Lifetime Value, Annual Run Rate, Monthly Recurring Revenue, User churn, number of upgrades, number of downgrades, …). Currently we are working on improving what we have, add more customisation and access for more payment providers.

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Q: What was technically the most challenging part of developing BizMetrics solutions?

A: The most challenging part are the integrations with the different payment gateways that we are finishing now.

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Q: When do you plan to launch it? What are your plans for the future?

A: If things go well, in the beginning of 2015. Our plans are not set in stone. We are constantly learning with our new private beta users, and we are using their insights and needs to shape our product. Some of the things we will have is to give the opportunity to import different KPIs other than the ones provided by the payment gateways. Things like, for instance, activity, that can correlate with upgrades or user churn.

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