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Defencely – Makes Your Website Secure

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Founded in 2012, Defencely is primarily focused on critical level vulnerability assessments and cyber security solutions for cloud based, website assets. Our interview below is with Ritesh Sarvaiya, Founder and CEO of Defencely:

Ritesh SarvaiyaQ: What are biggest benefits of using Defencely?

A: Defencely is not a scanner/automated tool based security company, our each action is based on the Human Intelligence. Security researchers are manually engaged in doing code reviews for the web applications and report vulnerabilities. If I have to give one single biggest benefit, it would be manual scanning for any & every application we test. Each application is being tested by about 8 security researchers who have 10+ years of experience in this field. Imagine when your web application undergo so many hands how secure it will be ? Additionally Defencely is in middle of hiring  more and more experienced web security researchers which will go additional value addition to the clients.


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Q: What was the inspiration behind building Defencely?

A: Defencely is inspired by the “bad guys” who are in middle of destroying internet & do all sort of bad stuff. As a founder and CEO of Defencely I am in middle of building world’s biggest WHITE HAT army under one roof in the USA, recently moved myself from India. This WHITE HAT army under one roof will be capable of saving biggest hacks across the world in coming days and fight with “bad guys” in most ethical manner.

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Q: What’s your core competence, and how do you intend to retain a competitive advantage over others in security space?

A: As far as core competence is concerned, we are focused on manual testing of cloud/web applications at this point of time. As far as retaining competitive advantage is concerned, all the web security researchers which we are hiring at present have to sign at least 3 years bond with us before they can leave the company, or join any other company in the same space. Lastly, as a Founder and CEO, I personally hunt for this kind of researchers which are not easy to find, which gives us solid advantage to progress on this field.


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Q: What are your plans? Where do you want to be in five years’ time?

A: Currently, we are expanding in USA & CANADA, at present in middle of approaching about 1000+ clients who are critically vulnerable and have important data stored online. In coming 5 years, as a company Defencely is aiming to become biggest WHITE HAT security company of the world with 50+ biggest security researchers of the world working under one roof. We aim to become 360 degree security by adding verticals like Network Security, Malware Protection, Mobile security etc.

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