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Blow & Drive Brings To Market A State Of The Art Wireless Ignition Interlock Device

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Los Angeles, CA, based Blow & Drive Interlock Corporation is a publicly traded company (OTCQB:BDIC) that plans to manufacture and distribute its’ Ignition Interlock Device across the United States. The ignition interlock device requires the driver to exhale into the device prior to starting the vehicle. The device will prevent the vehicle from starting if the driver’s blood-alcohol content exceeds a predetermined set level. Below is our interview with Laurence Wainer, Founder and CEO at Blow & Drive Interlock Corporation:

Q: Tell us something more about Blow & Drive Interlock Corporation?

A: We believe that we can capture at a huge portion of the court or DMV mandated ignition interlock industry in the USA. We are very focused on customer service which has been grossly lacking in this industry since its inception. Many of our competitors have horrific reviews with complaints ranging from unfair charges, unreliable equipment all the way down to just plain inconsideration for their clients unfortunate circumstances. We bring to market a State of the Art wireless Ignition Interlock Device and more importantly a commitment to a much higher degree of customer service, quality assurance and transparent pricing.

Q: You have an additional 10 state approvals currently pending, tell us something more?

A: Yes, we are currently State approved and actively distributing, installing and monitoring DUI/DWI offenders in California and Oregon. As part of our commitment to customer service we offer free mobile installation in California as well as 13 services centers for our clients to choose from throughout Oregon And California.

Q: What we can expect from you in the future? What are your plans?

A: We have immediate plans to continue to add many more service centers and mobile installers as well as expanding into additional states as soon as we receive our application approvals. Blow & Drive Interlock is just the start of what i hope will one day be the leader in all DUI related sectors of the Offender Market. Including DUI Driver Education Programs & Home Monitoring Devices. Our state-of-the-art Ignition Interlock Device has all the features that will allow us to transition easily into Home Monitoring. With just a few minor modifications we can engineer our interlock into a portable home monitoring device complete with camera technologies that will ensure the offender is the person performing all Breath Alcohol Tests. We are also actively pursuing the commercial market to companies that have a fleet of vehicles. The installation of an Alcohol Ignition Interlock has proven to save companies five to ten percent off their premiums as well as reducing their overall liability. With the additional features we can offer companies such as GPS tracking and Two-Way communication with their drivers, Companies will not only ensure their employees are sober when operating Company cars but will also make sure their staff stays on task and does not use the company car and gas for personal reasons.

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Q: Tell us something more about your BDI-747 device?

A: The BDI-747 Ignition Interlock is a state-of-the-art interlock and has all the features you would want on an interlock. First off our device is very simple to use. It only requires a straight blow for 2-3 seconds as opposed to older devices which require a hum-suck-blow or a blow-suck-blow technique. Secondly unlike a lot of the older devices on the road; There is NO warm-up time every time you want to start your car. Our device starts up in under ten seconds compared to as long as five minutes with other devices. Also our device works without Wires. You see when a device is wired into the car if anything happens to the cable,like a short or the cable gets pulled loose , the offender would have to pay to tow his vehicle into the nearest service center. Our device is wired into the car but if anything happens to the cable it can also be used without the wire to get the car started. The BDI-747 is fully programmable and also has GPS, Camera and two way communication features so it meets or exceeds all state certification protocols.

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Q: Could you explain how does it work? How To schedule an install?

A: A DUI offender will find us on the approved list of interlock providers in their state provided to them directly from the DMV or judicial authority and o schedule an install they can simply call us directly on our toll free customer service line or go online. The customers schedules an appointment at either a brick and mortar location or they may select our free courtesy mobile install. The drivers data will then be stored, uploaded and monitored by our staff.

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