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Businesswoman Alexandra Arrivillaga DeCastro Kicks Off 2020 With The Launch Of LatinTouch Agency

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LatinTouch Agency is a new endeavor for Boston entrepreneur Alexandra Arrivillaga DeCastro. The company will have offices in Massachusetts, Dubai and Barranquilla (Columbia).

Today, Alexandra Arrivillaga DeCastro announced the launch of LatinTouch Agency. The core initiative of LatinTouch Agency is to ensure Latinos are positivity represented in the business world. Ms. DeCastro as a background in consulting management, security, and communications that will support LatinTouch Agency’s goals. Prior to forming LatinTouch Agency, Ms. DeCastro was the CEO and Founder of Owl Management Consulting, LLC, Proplex 5, LLC, Social Biz, LLC and Lock It Up Security, LLC.

When asked why the need for such a company, Ms. Castro replied, “I saw that Latinos weren’t fully represented in all businesses. I want business leaders to see that Latinos are not the stereotype that was assigned to them.” As a Latin professional, she will help other Latinos who have faced discrimination as a consumer as well as an entrepreneur. Ms. DeCastro understands the Latino and Portuguese communities in Boston and still has close ties to them. She believed that education was the key to success and went to Lesley College. She continued her education to earn and MBA and a doctorate.

However, true entrepreneurship cannot be learned in a classroom. Ms. DeCastro’s story is not unique, but her business expertise is.

The focus on LatinTouch Agency will be on strategy and inclusion consulting through innovative thinking and progressive leadership. Ms. DeCastro has partners in Dubai and Barranquilla, who share in her philosophy that “success means making meaningful work that promotes inclusivity.” The name LatinTouch Agency comes from Ms. DeCastro’s passion to help Latinos leave their “touch” in our world. The company is headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts with a second office in Westborough.

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