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CallFire Helps Businesses Succeed And Reach More Customers

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Santa Monica, CA based CallFire is a cloud telephony SaaS provider that develops and provides web-based VoIP products and services. The CallFire self-serve platform has over 200,000 customers. Here is our recent interview with Punit Shah, Co-Founder of CallFire:

Punit Shah, Co-Founder of CallFireQ: CallFire helps businesses engage customers and increase sales. For those who have never heard of it tell us something more?

A: We help automate and streamline customer reach and retention efforts by providing easy-to-use, affordable voice and text services that allow businesses to communicate and engage with their prospects and customers. There are several case studies we’ve done that demonstrate how CallFire can really move the needle.

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Q: What are CallFire’s key products?

A: Products include a cloud call center, voice broadcast, text messaging, call tracking, and IVR services, which are typically expensive to build internally and often require hardware and technical expertise to implement. The easy-to-use CallFire technology makes the enterprise-level communication technology accessible and more affordable for all customers, regardless of size. There is a self-service platform for smaller and medium sized businesses, as well as an API for companies that have the resources to implement them. All of our products are available via the web with no software to install.


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Q: How does CallFire differ from other Customer Engagement platforms?

A: Most customer engagement platforms have monthly fees and then add on pricing for additional products suites. CallFire allows users to be more flexible – customers pay as they go and all products are available to use at any time. Our clients can use the platform any way they want without increasing costs. Finally, CallFire is incredibly easy to learn and use. Customers can get set up and run any one of our products in a matter of minutes.

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Q: Who is your ideal customer and why?

A: We don’t really have an “ideal” customer. Our voice and text products apply to all industries and demographics. Anyone interested in leveraging voice or text to augment their sales pipeline, provide notifications to their internal teams or customers, or building these services into their company’s software (via CallFire’s API) are ideal customers.

Q: How would you convince our readers to start using CallFire?

A: Text messages have a 95% open rate. What that means is every business – small or large – should be leveraging mobile marketing to reach their target audience. CallFire can help companies execute a successful mobile strategy easily and effectively. It’s easy to see why over 100,000 customers use and trust CallFire.

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