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Cloud-Based Platform Ximble Makes Employee Scheduling And Time-Keeping Simple

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Ximble is an innovative software platform combining flexible employee scheduling with precise time tracking.

Below is our recent interview with Peter Swaniker, the Founder and CEO of Ximble.

Peter Swaniker

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Ximble?

A: Ximble is an intuitive, cloud-based employee scheduling and time tracking solution that helps SMEs streamline and automate their workforce operations while increasing communication and flexibility. Our multilingual suite of schedule building and time keeping features takes the guesswork out of staff time management.

Q: Why did you start Ximble?

A: It’s an unusual story, actually. It was back in 2011, and I was celebrating Thanksgiving with my family. Unfortunately, my sister-in-law was sick, and so she wouldn’t make it to work the following day. During dinner, she was forced to spend hours on the phone, searching for someone who could take her shift. I thought to myself: “there has to be an easier way.” And that was the first step on the journey to creating Ximble. We set out to develop a platform which would be superior in scheduling, functionality, and that could foster smooth interaction within teams.

Through market research, we estimated a target market of 1 billion employees, including 95 million in the USA. Of these, only 10% were using products at all similar to ours. The rest still used traditional methods: pen and paper, or spreadsheets. Smaller businesses were being priced out by big-name brands, while cheaper solutions only offered limited features and functionality. Ximble offers high-end functionality, for affordable prices.

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Q: Tell us about your personal history.

A: I have two decades of experience as a software engineer, including architecting and building enterprise software solutions for companies such as Kelley Blue Book and My most valuable experience came earlier, however. I lived in three different countries as a child – Ghana, Gambia, and Botswana – before moving to the U.S. after college. The experience of changing cultures, sometimes with very short notice, has greatly improved my career in business. I’ve learned to be more adaptable, accepting of uncertainty, and appreciative of diversity. I love that at Ximble we’ve built a global team, spread across six countries.

Q: Back to Ximble. Who are your primary clients and what are their greatest challenges?

A: While we cater to a broad range of clients, there are some industries where our product proves especially useful. These include the services sector, hospitality, and retail. Our customers require a scheduling product that saves them time, is scalable, but which can easily integrate with HR, POS, and Payroll software. We offer them a simple way to calculate labor cost and overtime, facilitate shift swapping, and manage employees efficiently. Using Ximble allows companies to save 7.2% on payroll costs, and produce an up to 70% rise in attendance and punctuality. Even better, the employee data collected can be processed to provide meaningful and actionable insights into business operations, helping business owners make better, more informed decisions.

Q: What differentiates you from the competition?

A: Our design team is second-to-none, and they’ve made sure our software is intuitive and simple to use, both on web browsers and on mobile devices via our app. We’re also very proud of our Ximble Kiosk app for tablets, complete with facial recognition technology, which allows employees to check in and out with ease, while preventing any ‘buddy punching’. This saves time and increases trust between employers and employees. However, what we think of as our defining characteristic is our commitment to customer service. Our exceptional live support team work 24/7 to answer any queries our customers have, no matter how long it takes. Our customers aren’t just paying for software, but also for a service. People worry that “the internet doesn’t call you back”. Well, we do.

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Q: What recent and future developments are you most excited about?

A: At Ximble, we are always innovating. Most excitingly, we are now utilising AI to normalize and process large quantities of data and create accurate, data driven schedules, perfectly matched to the needs of each individual business. We’ll be further expanding our usage of AI in the coming year, so there are lots more exciting developments coming soon!

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