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Creative House – Personalized Video Technology For Every Stage Of The Customer Journey

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Creative House enables brands around the world to engage with their customers through every channel using personalized video technology. Below is an interview with Lotan Morad, Founder and CEO of Creative House Group:


Q: What is the most important thing you have learned from leading brands about their challenges in communicating with customers?

A: We can see that big brands are well aware of the challenge of engaging their customers in a multi-channel digital environment. In fact, research shows that 68% of customers feel that brands just don’t care about them. Now this is quite a serious accusation, taking into account the tremendous effort and budgets that many companies put into this.

Q: Does this mean that customers’ expectations of brands are too high?

A: Perhaps, however brands should still find the right technology to communicate with their customers in a multi-channel ecosystem and turn this expectation into a great opportunity. By establishing a personalized digital relationship with your customers along their journey, they can open the door to better self-service usage and more attention to relevant marketing offerings. This will lead to cost reductions and improvement in customer experience and loyalty.

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Q: But do brands find it difficult to harvest the customers’ personalized data?

A: Actually we do find that sometimes the fear is greater than the reality. In fact, when using personalized video you don’t need to use very complex data. You can use the customer’s name, his stage in the journey and the relevant offering to create an engaging personalized experience by benefiting from the power of video.

Q: Tell us more about your technology?

A: We automatically create millions of personalized videos for brands, which address customers by name and use their data within the video.

The videos can be live shooting or animation. The dynamic fields can be in the narration and on screen: numbers, dates, dynamic graphs or sequences, and the viewer can even receive a phone call while watching the video and offered the opportunity to communicate with your outbound sales team in real time.

Throughout the process, the customer will never sense the robot automating the video – in fact, many customers even thank the brand for making a video especially for them.

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Q: Does personal video have a different impact on different industries?

A: There certainly is a difference. We have implemented projects in the fields of banking, insurance, telecom, retail, utilities and the travel industry. Some industries use personal video for onboarding, others for annual statements, and some for even encouraging user reviews. In general, we see consistent results among almost all industries of double click-through and conversion rates with personal video. But when you are offering something with a benefit to the customer, you can even triple conversion rates. We also see an increase in the NPS and a very positive reaction in the surveys sent to customers after they receive personal videos.

Based on our vast international experience, we can advise each industry what is the best practice of using personalized video, in which stage of the customer journey and what should they offer in order to get the best results.

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Q: Where do you see personal video in the future?

A: Up until now, personalized video has been a one-way communication from the brand to the customer. In the future, I think we will start to see return input from the customer so that a dual relationship is built. Brands will have the opportunity to ask customers questions and get their input in order to further strengthen engagement.

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