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CyberX – Securing The Industrial Internet

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CyberX delivers security solutions to fully support emerging cyber security needs of the Industrial Internet. The company mitigates cyber security risks by applying deep inspection. Our interview below is with Omer Schneider, CEO at CyberX about XSense platform and organizations that can benefit from their services:

Omer Schneider

Q: CyberX helps secure the Industrial Internet, how would you describe the company in your own words?

A: CyberX designs and develops security solutions to fully support emerging cyber security needs of the Industrial Internet. Introducing a new security strategy to into OT networks, CyberX’ solutions detect cyber threats, system tampering and operational incidents in real-time, minimizing disruption to operations and ensuring uptime.
Industrial networks still rely on many systems that were implemented decades ago, at a time when the risk of sophisticated attacks was very low. The convergence of OT and IT networks, has created a new reality in which, more and more industrial entities embrace connectivity, combining their existing operational systems with connected devices.

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Q: Could you explain the function of your XSense platform?

A: XSense is a situational-aware platform that seamlessly connects to an existing setup. Modeling the network’s well-defined operational behavior, XSense validates, at all times, that the network is not mutated due to any action, whether it is operational or malicious in nature.

With no need to replace existing infrastructure, XSense shows results within minutes. It collects data from the entire network and using big data and machine learning techniques, it provides a real understanding of the operational behavior of the network.

Be it a cyber-attack, an operational malfunction or a tampering incident, XSense secures the OT Network by providing unprecedented detection capabilities, visibility and in-depth analysis tools.

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Q: What’s the ideal company that would benefit from your services?

A: We address cyber security needs and challenges of any organization that maintains an operational network. This includes the energy sector, oil and gas, water facilities, chemical plants, transportation infrastructures and any company running a manufacturing operation. The benefits we offer vary according to the companies’ specific needs and operational characteristics.
Here are a few examples that address needs of different industries:

1. Network Visibility
With no visibility into the network and lack of control over its activities, detection of cyber threats and operational incidents is practically impossible. XSense provides complete visibility into OT networks, enabling real-time detection of cyber threats and operational incidents, minimizing disruption to operations and downtime.

2. Operational Incidents
The ability to address operational issues of the OT network in a timely manner, enables to overcome some major operational concerns and comply with business continuity plans (BCP). XSense, empowers business continuity by providing real-time detection of deviations from the pattern of life of operational elements in the operational network.

3. The Importance of Timely Detection
Knowing about a disruption after the damage is done, with no ability to prevent it and no real indication of what has caused it, is measured in dollars and keeps you up at night. XSense detects abnormal network behavior, by monitoring and tracing events that lead to operational incidents, optimizing maintenance planning and assets performance, impacting costs and ROI.

4. Distributed Networks
Companies with distributed networks need to obtain complete and consolidated visibility of their networks in order to successfully detect, mitigate and investigate cyber and operational incidents. Deploying XSense in a multiple locations distributed network, with no disruption to operations at any moment, provides complete asset discovery, and consolidated network visibility, resulting in less sleepless nights.

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