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Daily Pulse – Simple Way To Track Your Team’s Accomplishments

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Daily Pulse
Written by: Wilson Peng, Founder of Daily Pulse

Daily Pulse was founded by John Gesimondo and me. We noticed two problems in the work industry. The first problem is that individual contributors don’t like to be interrupted or micromanaged. The second is that employees tend to complain about their managers behind their backs. This takes away from managers’ efforts to promote a great work culture. We needed a system that helps the manager know what’s going on outside the office and provides a channel for feedback while not annoying the team. Our ultimate goal is to allow managers to learn more about their team members especially in remote working environments.


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With Daily Pulse you can submit anonymous feedback to your managers without having to worry about your job security. And updating your team with Daily Pulse is as simple as replying to an email. You can do it on your way out of the office or while you’re waiting for the train. Not only will your manager know what’s going on, but you will see what your coworkers have been up to as well. With Daily Pulse, an engineer can comment with “I’ve dealt with that before, let’s pair on it together tomorrow” or a sales representative can comment with “If i can do anything to help you close that deal, let me know. We’re all rooting for you!”


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The system helps team members stay engaged with the team as well as helping managers keep track of the team’s progress without having to interrupt them for daily meetings and reports.

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