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Dan Doyle Discusses The Importance Of Mentors In The Photography Business

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Beginning any business can prove to be a challenging endeavor, especially when you don’t know where to start. With a photography business, there are many dynamics that need to be understood quickly in order to be successful. This includes artistic and technical aspects, which can be overwhelming to novices.

Mistakes are bound to happen, but mistakes shouldn’t be made alone. With formal education and guidance with mentors, beginning photographers will have the opportunity to learn from common mistakes people may make and give themselves the opportunity to contribute to the industry. Here are some reasons as to why mentors are important in for photography.

Identify Strengths

One thing that a mentor can be very helpful in is providing some positive reinforcement. Mentorship doesn’t always mean correcting where you are wrong. It also means finding out where you are already excelling. Your photographer will look at your photos and they will identify to you what you are dong correctly. This could exposure, focus or white balance. In order to build a rapport with you, your mentor will validate your positive attributes first. If you’d like to learn further benefits of having a mentor in photography, you can visit Dan Doyle Pleasantville NY for more information.

Identify Weaknesses

Of course, a mentor wouldn’t be a mentor if they didn’t understand where you may be struggling. Identifying where you are weak is more beneficial then someone reinforcing to you what you are already doing correctly. Becoming a better photographer means that you have to work on areas where you can improve upon, and sometimes, the truth isn’t handled well.

Despite that, building upon your weaknesses will give you the greatest opportunity to grow. You will be able to learn important concepts such as blowing highlights in pictures, creating a crisper focus, proper ways to use light and more. The more you get comfortable in improving on where you are weak, the more you will be able to see a change in the quality of the photos you take. You can also follow Dan Doyle Pleasantville NY to see what positive effects mentors can have on the quality of your photos.

Goal Setting

Many photographers, especially beginners, may overlook this fact, but setting goals is imperative to improve photo quality. One of the hardest parts about taking a photo is how to edit them, and can be a good chance to set some goals on how to create the best possible product.

Your mentor may recommend that you read books on editing software, take a course or simple practice on a consistent basis. Whatever the recommendation, a mentor will ensure that you not only set goals, but put yourself in a position to achieve them.


After having a mentor in photography, you may never look at a camera the same way again. If you want to become a seasoned photographer, one thing that you will need is great focus. Every moment from the positioning of your camera, to the settings you put on and what you decide to edit after will affect the quality of your photograph. You won’t take any of the little details for granted after.

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