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EmailFinder – get a valid email address with only person name and company domain

Listen to this article enables you to get a valid email address with only a person name and company domain. This makes EmailFinder great for reaching key decision makers and sales leads.


Q: What inspired you to start working on EmailFinder?

A: Cold emailing key decision makers has always been a very effective way to start important conversations, ranging from reaching job prospects to donors, investors, and big sales leads. I have talked to many sales and fundraising professionals who acquire customers regularly through cold emailing, but spends far too much time figuring out what the correct email is. For these folks, reaching that important decision maker at their work email without sending out a massive amount of spam BCC’s has become a major pain point. I have also faced this problem many times in the past and finally decided to do something about it. EmailFinder essentially simplifies and abstracts away finding someone’s email and making that process extremely easy for both individuals and teams.

Q: How does EmailFinder work?

A: We generate a range of common email patterns and check their validities against a number of very strict technical criteria, such as DNS validation, disposable email address detection, SMTP connection/availability checking, and catch-all testing. We only charge the customer if we are sure that the email is valid.

Q: How do you see future of EmailFinder?

A: There have been tons of feature requests and suggestions from early adopters, which we are very excited about. Some of these features include a bulk lookup API and third party integrations like SalesForce. EmailFinder could eventually morph into a more robust lead generation and people search tool, but we are taking it slow at the moment and only making product decisions based on our users’ feedback and market needs.

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