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Financial Gravity Helps Small Business Owners Reduce Income Tax And Improve Investment Efficiency

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Financial Gravity provides integrated financial advice. Utilizing Tax Blueprint® the company identifies what the small business owner can do immediately to lower their personal income tax (the company guarantees to double their investment with them). Their average savings is about $21k. The recommended strategies, products and systems are all legal, moral and ethical which they can implement with the company through their Tax Operating System®.

Below is our interview with John Pollock, CEO of Financial Gravity Holdings Inc.:


Q: Please tell us about the company’s financial condition?

A: Solid and growing. We have 8 revenue streams and are looking to add more and have secured a line of credit of $11 million. We are expanding our distribution through an independent advisor platform we have developed and added more than 25 new independent sales reps in the last 30 days.

Q: Can you give us more insights into your Services?

A: The best way to understand what we do is to understand what is broken in the industry. Financial Advisors and Planners don’t really advise or plan, they sell. They sell product (annuities, portfolios, coaching, etc.), they sell strategies (401k’s, retirement plans, executive compensation, etc.) or they sell a transaction (a financial plan, a life insurance policy, etc.). Add the fact that when they seek the counsel of the “most trusted advisor” the accountant, they can’t help in two critical areas, how to lower personal income taxes (the CPA exam is on accounting not taxes) and numbers that help them run their company (most small business owners and entrepreneurs can’t read the B. S. or the P/L and the data is too old by the time they get it). Multiply these problems with the fact that each discipline; Wealth Management, Risk Management, Legal, and Tax are all so complex the individual must figure out how to integrate all the stuff they are being sold into one cohesive strategy. It’s impossible, and the wealthy don’t have this problem, because the out their money with a Family Office, that is why we built the Fractional Family Office®. Lower taxes, plus integrated advice, with numbers that will help them run their businesses, will give them Lower Taxes, Higher Profit, Greater Wealth.

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Q: What makes Financial Gravity a good choice with investors?

A: We have a business model that is tapping into a high profit margin existing model and remaking it into a “Blue Ocean” business model. We have extensive intellectual capital and we are partnering with and developing proprietary technologies to help us scale.

Q: Can you give us a heads up on the company’s plans for the next six months?

A: Mergers & Acquisitions – We have several pending in various disciplines, accounting, health insurance and technology. All are in various stages, some we are pursuing some are pursuing to partner with us.

Technology – We are developing an AI enabled software package.

Infrastructure – We are 75% complete with our internal technology stack which will allow us to better handle the coming growth.

Staffing – In the last 90 days we have restructured to get the “right people, in the right seats, on the bus”, we expect to receive the dividends of this restructuring in the coming months.
Organic Growth – the hiring of CSO Dan Sundby was part of the restructuring and his immediate contribution is already paying off. We expect this to ramp up aggressively in the next 6 months.
Financial Gravity Companies, Inc. Our job is to find potential tax savings, lower costs and improve efficiency for small business owners and high net worth individuals.

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