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From Spaces To Bespoke Places – How Barbara Martinuzzi Marks A Difference With Her Award-Winning Interior Designer Projects

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Born and raised in Italy Barbara Martinuzzi moved to Switzerland in the nineties where she established herself in the world league of Interior Design with her company Martinuzzi Interiors.

“Italy has worldwide reputation for style and outstanding design. In Switzerland I learned to combine it with the country’s typical values such as efficiency or the dedication to perfection”, says Barbara Martinuzzi and gets to the heart of her unique position in the market. Born in Rome the former fashion model and Miss Italia who competed in the Miss World 1987 contest grew up in Turin where she studied Art History, which has profoundly influenced her professional career. With the grand and centuries-old artistic heritage of Italy as the fundament and part of her DNA the successful entrepreneur believes that “the boundaries between Art and Design are becoming increasingly blurred.”

Philosophic conception of interior design

“While interior design creations shall incorporate latest trends, it is key to create work or living spaces that transcend short-term trends”, Barbara Martinuzzi summarizes her professional point of view. “The art of combination includes a wide range of factors from selection of materials to lighting design. In my point of view interior design is not a stand-alone discipline and shall not deployed at the end of a planning or construction process but rather be managed in a multi-disciplinary cooperation mode with other specialist such as engineers or architects.”

Martinuzzi Interiors

Premium quality and high value for money

“We consider it part of our fiduciary duty not only to manage the budgets of our projects but to control and monitor them on an ongoing basis.” With her entrepreneurial and managerial skills Barbara has a constant eye on time and budgets. “Personally marked by the challenges of a start-up phase in which I had to count every penny I naturally also apply financial prudence to our clients’ projects to ensure they are on time and within budget. Managing projects efficiently in a team among my staff and highly specialized independent suppliers is exciting and enriching.”

Clients’ and stakeholders’ needs as the measure of all things

“Make clients’ ideas become reality and exceed expectations is our guiding principle. But we take all our clients’ stakeholders such as family members, employees or customers and their individual expectations and needs into account”, explains Barbara Martinuzzi. “We sit down with clients in numerous conversations to achieve a common understanding of how the final project should look like in terms of aesthetics, design and functionality. Understanding a client’s individual cosmos of style and design is a crucial requirement for an outstanding interior design concept. Crafting interior design which stands the test of time hence requires a lot of empathy.”

Award Winning creations of global significance

It was only a matter of time before the work of Martinuzzi Interiors would be noticed and awarded internationally. “The International Property Award” in the areas of “Best interior residential in Europe” in 2015 and “Best interior office design in Europe” in 2016 are the recognition of Barbara Martinuzzi’s talent to perfectly master the balance between aesthetics and functionality.

The International Property Award’s official statement: “Martinuzzi Interiors has been named Best in Europe in the Interior design category at the final of the International Property Awards summit. The company competed against the best property professionals in the World to win the title of Best in Europe property’s highest accolade, with their project Sky Blue, Dottikon.”

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The International Property Awards are judged by an independent panel of 70 industry experts. Judging focuses on design and quality. The judging panel is chaired by Lord Caithness and Lord Best, members of the House of Lords in the UK Parliament. The rewards received over 400 entries from 61 countries for Interior Design. The International Property Awards is the world’s largest, most prestigious and widely recognized programme. Worldwide, the 2015 International Property Awards has received more than 2000 entries from over 110 countries in total this year.”

“I dedicate the prestigious awards to our clients who have put their trust in us. Only with their support we are able to achieve and sustain professional excellence.” Also, this year Martinuzzi Interiors GmbH received an invitation to submit their work to The International Property Award 2018.

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