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GMR Transcription Delivers Industry-Leading, Professional Translation Services To Businesses

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Below is our recent interview with Beth Worthy, CFO and Director of Operations at GMR Transcription:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to GMR Transcription?

A: Founded in 2004, GMR Transcription is widely known for providing accurate transcription and translation services to businesses at an affordable rate. GMR Transcription has served over 8,000 clients and transcribed over 4 million minutes of audio to date.

Q: What types of industries do you provide business transcription services for?

A: GMR Transcription provides transcription and translation services for businesses in all industries. However, we tend to work very closing with academic institutions, market researchers, podcasters, and law enforcement.

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Q: What sets you apart from your competitors?

A: While anyone can use our services, we primarily cater to business and academia clientele. These types of professional customers have high standards and demand the highest level of accuracy, security, and confidentiality.

These high standards are met with four promises to our customers:

· 99% Accuracy Guarantee – GMR Transcription offers an industry leading 99% accuracy guarantee on clear audio files. All files are subjected to two levels of proofreading and our transcriptionists are well versed in different accents and business terminology.
· 100% Human Transcriptionists – Human transcriptionists are far more accurate when compared to machine transcribing. Google, IBM, and Microsoft’s artificial intelligence solutions are only able to reach 88% accuracy, which far less than GMR Transcriptions accuracy of 99-100%.
· US Based Transcriptionists – All of our transcriptionists are US based, which increases accuracy, security, and quality control.
· Data Security – Ensuring confidentiality and client privacy is paramount. Our entire system is hosted on redundant and secure servers.

Q: How does GMR Transcription keep its transcription quality so high?

A: We are able to keep our transcription quality high by only using US based transcriptionists. This means that we never use machines or foreign-based transcriptionists. Our transcriptionists come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have experience with different dialects and background knowledge on a diverse range of subjects. We also perform two levels of proofreading on all transcripts before they are sent to clients. Additionally, our transcriptionists must pass a rigorous exam and they are continually checked for accuracy after being hired.

Q: Why does GMR Transcription regularly get referrals and repeat business from customers?

A: GMR Transcription gets a large amount of repeat and referral business because of our highly accurate transcriptionists, our great customer service, and an easy to use website.

All of our transcriptionists are US Based and must pass a stringent examination; additionally, our transcriptionists have experience with many different languages, accents, and industry-specific terminology. Our live customer service agents are on call and available to assist with any problems or questions. Additionally, clients are able to upload files and get them transcribed easily through our website without ever having to call in. With GMR Transcription you can expect unmatched professionalism and quality.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We are always researching new technologies that will allow us to stay on the cutting edge and provide the best possible services. We are always striving to offer the highest accuracy transcription services, with fast turnaround times, and great customer service.

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