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Gourmet Nuts And Dried Fruit Sells Bulk And Wholesale Amounts Of Nuts And Dried Fruits Online

Listen to this article is an online store selling wholesale amounts of nuts and dried fruit. Below is our recent interview with Matthew Baron, from

Q: Baron, can you tell us something more about Gourmet Nuts And Dried Fruit?

A: The way that we built our business is that we work with the importers, farmers, and processors making their food available online. They mostly don’t want to deal with websites and figuring out online stores like Thrive Market and Amazon. That is where we come in. We sell bulk and wholesale amounts that come to 5, 10, and 25 pound boxes. Too much for the supermarket. Too little for the big food businesses. We are selling in small, wholesale amounts.

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Q: Can you tell us something more about the solution you provide?

A: Yes. We get fresh food for business startups. Our main goal is to provide fresh food to product manufactures and caterers. These are two groups that can’t easily get a 25 pound box of fresh walnuts. If they were in a restaurant then Sysco or US Foods would be glad to help them. If they needed to buy one pound at a time, they can go to the nearest supermarket.

For product manufactures and caterers, they might need a single 25 pound box for the cheapest price possible. Maybe 100 or 200 pounds. Since we have nothing but empty boxes sitting in a warehouse, we get our product the freshest while it is traveling. Always the freshest product is getting packed when a purchase comes in. Customers really keep coming back for the low prices and the freshness of our product.

For the home buyer, purchasing the 5 or 10 pound boxes, they know exactly what they want and are looking for the best. They expect the best quality and fresher then any supermarket. One human could go through an entire 10 pound box of almonds in a month. Let alone a family living far from a market with allergies. Some customers are trying to cut down on gluten and want to eat more nuts. Other customers are allergic to nuts and are looking for a box of dried fruit.

Q: What is your story and mission?

A: Our mission is simple. Small businesses are serving sick people food as medicine in America. More and more people are finding that they are allergic to chemicals and processing in common foods. Companies making a natural product out of whole ingredients are our main customer. If you are a small company making a wholesome trail mix in Denver, Colorado or San or Boise, Idaho or Raleigh, North Carolina then we are here for you. If you are giving health minded Americans a quality product then we want to supply you.

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Q: What are your plans for next six months?

A: The rest of 2019 is huge for us. The biggest for us is our Kosher and Halal certifications. Also, we will have our certifications this month. We added a 5 pound box option for our home and Amazon consumers. Gourmet is moving into wholesale seeds with the launch of Bulk Seed. We are excited to hear from customers and what they plan on doing for the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas holidays.

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