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How to Market Your Band?

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* – This article has been archived and is no longer updated by our editorial team –

According to Next Big Sound, some of the most recent statistics available reveal that nearly 91% of artists are undiscovered. On the other end of the spectrum, only about 1% are mainstream and just .2& are considered “megastars.”

If you’re hoping your band is one of the few that makes it to the top, marketing is key but you’re going to have to keep up with the changes. What worked well even just a few years ago may not work today, which means to get the most out of marketing your band you’ll need to approach things a bit differently.

Create a Strong Online Presence

If you don’t already have a strong online presence, that’s what you’ll need to work on first. Your band doesn’t need to be limited to the Atlanta, Austin, or New York scene. You can market nationwide instead. Don’t just rely on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. To get the word out, you really need to have a website that allows you to speak directly to you audience while shaping your identity. As you work on setting it up make sure it describes your band in only a few short, captivating sentences. It should immediately reveal what the genre of your band and perhaps some of your influences.

Mention the band name, style of music and influences, then move on to the band’s background, such as how long you’ve been playing together, bands you’ve played with and some notable accomplishments. End with what you’re currently doing, such as writing, recording, touring, and/or a mention of your most current album.

Physical Promotions

While having a strong presence online is a must, you can’t forget about the physical world. Distributing flyers, posters, stickers and such hasn’t become irrelevant. You’ll still need to promote physically to market new music and get your band’s name out there. Get creative, going beyond those posters and flyers too, with things like art installations and murals.

Demos are important too – choose a few of your best songs, recording them using the highest quality equipment you can afford. Ideally, use professional equipment in a rented studio space, but many popular bands have recorded their first demos using a home computer with a good microphone or even a smartphone. Now, instead of simply passing out flyers, you can add a demo with those flyers.

Play as Many Gigs as You Can

The best way to build a fan base is to play as many shows as you can. Get your name out locally by sending a promote kit out to local venues and go to shows where you can network with other bands that can help get the word out too. The next step is to head out on the road and connect with listeners in other areas face-to-face. You’ll also have the chance to reach out to local press when playing in new cities. Be sure that as many people know as possible about your shows by spreading the word through social media and your website.

Make Your Music Available on Free Platforms

One of the easiest ways to connect with new fans is to post your music on free platforms. Take advantage of every platform you can, including YouTube and SoundCloud – and be sure to engage your audience as much as possible to create a lasting impression.


Radio is still incredibly important today, even with playlists. In fact, emerging small internet stations provide a great opportunity for bands to find new audiences. Do some research to pinpoint stations across the country that play your type of music.

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