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JKL Web Technologies Provides A Suite Of Services For Enhancing The Clients Online Identity

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JKL Web Technologies has decades of experience in the financial world offering services in areas of security, performance, redesign, SEO, accessibility and usability. By combining these services, the company effectively became an “one-stop shop” solution for each of their clients. Below is our interview with Jeffrey Walton, Managing Partner at JKL Web Technologies:

Q: How would you describe JKL Web Technologies in your own words?

A: We are a partnership of great friends who happened to be at the right place at the right time. The right place was Sanchez Computer Associates in Malvern, Pennsylvania and the right time was in the mid nineties, the start of online banking. SCA had a real-time banking engine named Profile which started getting traction among the top-tier banks like, GMAC, ING, Citibank, and there were many, many more. The problem was, we all had banking software coursing through our veins but we didn’t know the online world; we were losing money to third party vendors who were building these online sites for our customers. So we all dove into the deep-end of this online pool and it became sink or swim. Not only did we swim, we floated to the top and became leaders in our fields. Each of us followed their own light, some went on to be designers and architects, others became connectivity and security experts. The next thing we know we are helping to build sites for Ally, Allstate, eTrade, Metlife, and there were many, many more. We helped to build the online banking world and, while we were at it, helped them build their call center world as well.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your services?

A: Our services grew out of a need we saw while we were all working for a Fortune 500 company who had purchased Sanchez Computers Associates. The top-tier fintech leaders were once again hiring third party vendors but not to build the online world but to test it. They would hire security experts to scan and perform penetration tests on our code. Once the tests were completed the security experts would hand their report to us and we would improve the code base. Then someone wanted a usability test and again third party vendors would run their test and hand us their reports and again we would improve the code base. The same happened for performance and accessibility. That was the light bulb moment – combining services.

Q: What advantage does JKL Web Technologies have over its competitors?

A: Combing services has its advantages. The first being a one-stop shop, so to speak. Why waste your time and effort trying to find companies to do a stress test and then one for a usability study for your new functionality, when you can have one partner giving you one all-encompassing report, then consult you through the best approach. Now, not only do you save time, but most importantly – money. JKL Web Technologies becomes more like the Geico of web services, the more you bundle, the more you save and to top if off, there are less hands in the cookie jar. With less hands, security measures are simplified and faster delivery times can be expected across the board. Plus when we create or redesign a site, we take all of our services into mind. Combining services ensures a comprehensive solution that strengthens your core application DNA – it’s one voice with a common thread providing your company a means to realizing their goals.

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Q: What is the motto that guides your decisions?

A: It’s the one voice in the back of any great programmer’s mind – follow the standards. Sure we all tend to march to the beat of our own drum and put a unique spin on things but you have to remember standards are here for a reason. The standards not only guide us, they justify good design from bad. They help others view your code, communicate with your code, and to help understand your code. When you have a lot of hands in that proverbial cookie jar you have problems in viewing, communicating, and understanding. In order to alleviate those problems, you would just have to follow the common thread of standardization. The common thread isn’t simple to follow if there are many voices in your head telling you what’s wrong with your code base. JKL Web Technologies is a holistic approach to your online needs and will be that voice of reason throughout your development life cycle instilling the standards along the way.

Q: What can we expect from JKL Web Technologies in next six months?

A: You can expect us to be on a growth spurt and not looking back. We will add new services as the market dictates and continue to evolve. We will be partnering with companies who will provide needed resources and expertise so we can maintain our holistic approach – that one-stop shop so to speak for global banking, insurance, trading, eCommerce, and the entertainment industry.

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