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Kids-Tech Launches Tech Class: Drone, Virtual Reality, App-Building and 3D-Printing

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Kids-Tech aims to equip today’s students with the tech skills for tomorrow. Kids-Tech instructors will apply their experience working with very young children and offer them an introduction to ground-breaking technology they will need to thrive in an increasingly competitive and exciting world. Below is our interview with Ray Marker from Kids-Tech:

Q: Ray, tell us something more about Kids-Tech and your offerings?

A: In our classes, we endeavor to turn toys into tools as we teach the students what technology is and how it operates in their daily lives. We work with everything from Drones to Virtual Reality to 3-D Printers and even build our own APPS. Our kids are hands on, learning what the machines can do in a fun and structured manner.


Q: You’ve recently announced the launch of Tech Class; tell us something more?

A: It may not sound like the best business motto, but, essentially, we “trick” the kids into learning. With our Drone class, we not just playing Rock-em, Sock-em robots; we’re actually teaching them about Networking. Each Drone is pushing video over its own Wifi. Now, if I was to just lecture the kids about IP Addresses and SSID’s, they would probably hate me. Instead, we give the students a reason to learn how data travels from A to B. By being hands-on and engaged, the actually want to learn how to send directives to the drone and how the video gets sent back. Learning about Networking makes them better Drone pilots, and they’re all in.

For 3D Printing, instead of teaching about Fused Deposition Modeling as a lecture, we teach the kids how they’ll get to bring an object from their imagination into the real world. Along the way, they learn that 3D printing is Fused Deposition Modeling. They’re open to the concept and engaged in the process since we’re working towards a goal they’re motivated to attain: making cool stuff.

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Q: What is the feedback from elementary students and their parents?

“Nicholas is really enjoying the class through combined fun and learning. It is so fun to hear what he has learned from week to week. I am pleased to know that he is getting hands on experience with cutting edge technology. Thanks for coming to our school with your program.”
—Kathryn Muraoka

“Jack said “I get a hands-on experience with very good resources for life and I get to see the world around me from a different perspective. I get to learn about drones and virtual reality, which are both very fun!” As Jack’s mom I am continuously amazed and grateful that my son has access to this level of technology. Just to be able to see things like a drone or a 3D printer, let alone be able to actually use them- what an opportunity! “
—Sarah Clegg-Crawford

“Patrick says that it is really fun and he really enjoys it. We feel that this early exposure to drones and virtual reality is a foundation for him to build on.”
—Rod Burns

“Our 3rd grader (Noah) has absolutely loved every minute of his 3D printing class. I have honestly never seen him so excited about a class or after-school activity. He anxiously counts down the days for every Tuesday and he can’t wait to share with us what he learns. We have been extremely impressed at the level of instruction, hands on learning and how much technology he is becoming familiar with. Not only is this a ton of fun for kids, it is truly helping to prepare them for the future and give them a head start in a world which depends heavily on technology. “
—Cristie Nelson

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Q: What are your plans?

A: First: Always get better. Since the tech changes on a daily basis, so must we. We’re in a constant race to keep pace with the developments in each of our areas. As each piece evolves, we alter our curriculum to reflect that and make sure our students are up to date.

Second: Help more kids! Our goal is to reach each and every child that can benefit from our class.

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Q: What’s the best thing about Kids-Tech that people might not know about?

A: Technology is so amazing and generally so easy to use, but there’s a problem. On the front-end, it’s almost too easy. You can give an IPad to a three-year-old and they can bring up a game or video. Exciting! But it doesn’t mean they can use a computer. All around us is technology that has been so well engineered that we often don’t have to understand what makes it go.

With our classes, we’re pulling back the curtain to give the students an understanding about how all of the wonders actually work, how their WORLD actually works. Doing this, gives them the keys to the castle and the car.

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