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Latize Ulysses Software Platform Transforms Enterprise Data Silos Into A Semantically Linked Web Of Data

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Latize’s software automatically links data across multiple sources and systems, allowing customers to leverage and monetize their own as well as open data. Their Ulysses software was developed in 2012 and it quickly found a place in the market addressing core business use cases. Below is our interview with Steve Walker, Latize’s General Manager:


Q: Steve, how would you describe Latize and the services it provides?

A: Latize plays in the big data space but rather than being an analytics or BI solution we provide a more business-user friendly interface that focuses on insight rather than statistical output. Our Ulysses software platform is distinguished in its ability to map relationships between data points that allows much easier deduction of why events occurred and even the motivation behind them. This is currently the missing link in big data, the ability to readily align big data outputs to better business decision-making.

We are working with a number of partners who have acknowledged that the Ulysses platform has a differentiated value proposition that fills the missing link they see in many big data strategies.

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Q: How did Latize start?

A: Our two founders are experts in the field of information management consulting and as a result of providing those services over the last decade to government and industry in Singapore they saw a gap as big data came into prominence. After founding Latize in 2009 they developed and released the Ulysses semantic processing linked data software platform in 2012 which quickly found a place in the market addressing core business use cases. Subsequently Latize was endorsed by the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) in Singapore and following that, were provided venture capital funding to address their growth plans.

Q: Can you give us more insights into your software?

A: Our Ulysses software is differentiated by its ability to transform data from various sources in order to determine the underlying relationships between connected data points both structured and unstructured. Most BI solutions ignore the data itself and merely present the data in the manner the user configures it to do. That means the user really can’t gain more meaningful insight outside of their preconceived idea of what they believe they need and is valuable to them.

Ulysses on the other hand presents data in a relationship manner independent of the need to know what you are looking for ie; we provide answers to questions the user didn’t think to ask. Further, as new data points arrive in any database they are immediately interrogated and related by Ulysses to information and data already in the system and presented to the user automatically! There is no need for the user to re-configure their BI dashboard or reports.

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Q: So to what problems is your solution best addressed?

A: Apart from being a platform from which a very wide range of business use cases can be addressed Milan, we have built specific business solution packages for a) investigative case management, b) single view of the customer (stakeholder management), c) holistic quotient for education whereby students are assisted in developing their overall capabilities, and c) our Knowledge Engineered Network (KEN). KEN is an intelligent discovery solution providing answers to questions rather than mere lists of results, and which has just recently been selected to be deployed at a major government agency.

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Q: What have been some major milestones over the last 12 months?

A: From early last year after our successful Series AA funding closure, Latize consolidated their success in Singapore government agencies including the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), National Library Board, and IDA themselves. That consolidation has included the opening of a new larger head office in Singapore, the recent renewal of the IDA endorsement of our Ulysses solution, and the opening of our Sydney office this year with support from International Enterprise Singapore.

The Ulysses platform has also undergone substantial enhancements this last twelve months resulting in a successful launch of Ulysses 3.0, with more developments to come in this second half of the year. The focus of the development remains better business decision-making by business users thereby avoiding the need to call on data analysts and data scientists to make sense of a company’s big data.

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Q: What geographic markets are you focusing on currently? Are there global expansion plans?

A: The opening of the Sydney office in the first half of this year was the first step in a global strategy for Latize. The immediate focus is therefore to gain a foothold in the ANZ market whilst continuing our home market success in Singapore. In doing so the Latize expansion strategy will be validated in ANZ and in time will be rolled out into wider markets including North America. Key to those plans will be the acquisition of partners with specialist skills in deployment of big data solutions who may be operating in specific industries or geographies.

Q: What can we expect from Latize in next six months?

A: The next six months will see further refinement in the Ulysses platform resulting in the release of the next version of Ulysses, greater exposure of the success Latize and our partners have brought to their customers, and much more in the way of pro-active thought leadership about how to leverage and monetize the data your company most certainly has. Watch this space!

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