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Learnosity Brings Cutting Edge Technology To Corporate Education

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Learnosity provides the technology framework for many of the world’s best assessment solutions. The company currently has 10 million paying users and over 50 team members across offices in Dublin, Sydney and New York. Below is our interview with Gavin Cooney, CEO of Learnosity:

Q: Tell us something more about Learnosity?

A: Learnosity is a B2B, SaaS educational technology company. We provide the technology framework for many of the world’s best assessment solutions. Partnering with companies across a range of sectors including the K-12, Higher Education and Corporate Education markets, we help our clients get to market faster with a stronger product. Traditionally the educational industry has been slower to adopt new technologies than some other industries – we want to change this and to deliver on the promise of technology in education by bringing cutting edge technology and industry best practices to the sector.

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Q: Learnosity develops a set of tools & services that allows your clients to incorporate interactive assessment into their digital products quickly. What are main benefits of your offering?

A: We’ve chosen to focus exclusively on the technical aspects of online assessment, which in relative terms is a very small piece of the overall educational experience. We handle the difficult technical aspects of delivering online assessment so that our partners can concentrate on what makes their product unique. Leveraging Learnosity also decreases overall costs and significantly increases speed to market.

As a fully hosted SaaS solution, we take care of all the hosting, maintenance and support. It’s also highly scalable, providing fast, reliable performance to millions of users at a time.

In addition, we’re constantly lowering the bar for content creation and have made it really simple to author even the most advanced question types. Non-technical users and teachers can easily create interactive questions including things such as Math formulas, rich multimedia features and auto scoring capabilities in minutes. It’s as simple as using any word processor.

We also release new features and product upgrades every two weeks so our clients are constantly improving their product at no extra cost.

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Q: What makes Learnosity different to other assessment technology companies?

A: We’ve deliberately designed Learnosity to be used as part of a bigger product. Many assessment technology providers offer a monolithic end-to-end platform which can mean completely switching software providers or replacing your existing software. Our SaaS model means that our assessment technology can be used to enhance any digital product – existing or new. All Learnosity technology seamlessly integrates into third party products – no end user ever knows they are using a Learnosity powered element, all they know is that our clients have great products!

We provide the core foundations, and our clients provide the differentiating factors such as the content and overall user experience. Basically you can build your very own assessment products using the solid, proven foundations of the Learnosity platform.

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Q: The Learnosity Toolkit was recently named as a finalist for 3 CODiE categories by the SIIA, tell us something more?

A: We were really honored to be named as a finalist in three CODiE categories this year: Best K-12 Enterprise Solution, Best Student Assessment Solution and Best ELL/World Language Acquisition Instructional Solution.

Receiving a CODiE award is an especially prestigious honor as they are the industry’s only peer-reviewed awards program.

In 2014 we won Best K-12 Enterprise Solution and to be selected for three awards this year really shows how far we’ve come in the last 12 months alone.

What’s even more exciting from our point of view is that this year 6 of our clients’ products which were built using Learnosity were also nominated.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Learnosity has its eyes on global expansion, which is a daunting but very exciting prospect! We currently have almost 10 million paying users and hope to substantially increase this number over the coming months. We’ve also been on a big hiring drive recently to expand our team across all 3 offices: Dublin, Sydney and New York and now have over 50 team members. Having previously focused almost exclusively on primary and secondary (K-12) education, we’re now actively moving into the Higher Education and Corporate Education sectors so are looking forward to some new challenges and opportunities.

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