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LinkNow Media – Web Design And Online Marketing Expertise For Small Businesses

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LinkNow Media is a web design and online marketing company that specializes in helping small business owners throughout North America promote their companies online. With years of expertise and nearly 20,000 websites built, LinkNow Media is working to become a resource for small business owners everywhere who are trying to learn how to market their businesses online. They’ve recently launched an ebook which they are releasing one chapter at a time on their blog, The Ultimate Guide to Online Marketing for Small Businesses. Below is our interview with Wesley Mendelovitch, President of LinkNow Media:


Q: How would you describe LinkNow Media in your own words?

A: LinkNow Media is a web design and online marketing company that we founded in 2009 with a handful of employees. We specialized in offering a low cost website design solution to small business owners throughout the United States and Canada, and since then we’ve helped nearly 20,000 small businesses make their mark online while growing our own business into a company that employs over one hundred web and graphic designers, customer service and tech support agents, and sales people.

Q: You’ve recently launched an e-book; tell us what it’s about?

A: The Ultimate Guide to Online Marketing for Small Businesses is just what it sounds like. Almost all of our clients are small business owners, most with only a small number of employees, and they are very busy people – people who are handling most of the work of growing their businesses themselves. For the most part, these people aren’t marketing experts, and they don’t have the time or resources to sort through all the confusing and contradictory information they can find online.

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We’re publishing the e-book in multiple parts on our blog, and when it’s completed we’re going to release it as an e-book that will be available for download. We’re going to cover everything from on page SEO, to social media marketing, to how to run a PPC campaign. When we’re finished, all the information small business owners need to successfully manage their own online marketing will be available in one easy-to-reference resource.

Q: Why are you giving this information away for free?

A: The simple answer is that we want our customers to succeed. We offer SEO and marketing services, but many of our clients simply purchase a website from us and then attempt to take on the rest of the job themselves and we’ve discovered that many of our customers are confused about what the best practices are. If you start googling to try to learn about online marketing, you’ll find some good information, some outdated ideas, and some outright misinformation – and if you’re new to the online marketing world, it’s nearly impossible to know which is which.

We’re putting this guide together because we want every one of our customers to have the information and tools they need to grow their businesses, whether they’re paying us to do their marketing for them or not. When they know the information is coming from LinkNow Media, they can feel secure that it’s coming from people who know what they’re talking about – after all, we’ve helped literally thousands of other small business owners successfully market their companies online.

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Q: Who is your ideal customer and why?

A: Our ideal customers are small business owners, who understand that in order to compete for local business, a website and marketing are absolutely needed to outperform their competition. They also understand that it’s not enough to simply get a website designer or company that specializes in all types of marketing but instead a company that specializes, lives and breathes, local marketing.

Q: What advantage does LinkNow Media have over its competitors?

A: Our advantage is that we have developed a system with a number of proprietary software solutions that allow us to quickly produce large amounts of high quality small business websites at a low cost. This allows us to bring online marketing costs down so that small businesses can afford the same kind of web design and online marketing services that are normally reserved for large brands. Unlike many software companies who are taking advantage of cheap offshore labor, we develop everything in-house so that gives us complete control over our value chain. Additionally, since we charge as little as we can for our services and thusly provide a very good value, we also have a high customer retention rate so we are able to focus on creating a better product rather than scrambling to retain customers.

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Q: What are your plans for the next six months?

A: LinkNow has grown in sales and staff by 50% year after year for the last 7 years. This year our plan is to slow the growth and focus on our existing clients by continuing to improve the services we offer our customers and by working on a few initiatives that will change the way we interact with our customers and non-customers. Most importantly, starting with this e-book and our blog, we are aiming to become a better all-around resource for small business owners who are interested in online marketing, whether they’re paying us anything or not. We want to share our knowledge and experience with small business owners everywhere and really create a community where local-based businesses who want to drive their business forward in the digital space can come for reliable, thoughtful advice and solutions. If we don’t already know how to solve a problem – we want to be able to go out there, use our resources to figure it out and show people how they can do it themselves. Our thousands of active customers associate the name LinkNow Media with web design and online marketing expertise and we want you to as well.

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