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Beta Realm – Crowdsourced Testing For App Developers And Rewards For Testers

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Beta Realm is the first money-making crowdsourced beta-testing service and community for app developers and beta testers. Beta Realm creates an environment where developers can upload their beta apps and let testers use it. Generally Beta Realm helps in the creation and development of software products that are enjoyable to users and beneficial to developers. Below is our interview with Danica Danielle from Beta Realm:


Q: What is Beta Realm and how does it work?

A: Beta Realm is a web service that offers crowdsourced testing for developers and rewards for testers. It creates an environment where developers can upload their beta apps and let testers use it. In this way, the developers can have firsthand feedback from their target audience, while having their apps tested for bugs.

Q: What are the main benefits for beta testers?

A: Beta testers play a crucial part in making sure that the beta apps are bug-free. They will need to report bugs found and give reviews for the apps. They will need to have sharp eyes for small details that will help improve the app. The role of beta testers is definitely an arduous one; that is why they should be rewarded.

Testers will gain points for every accepted report they send. They will also get points for reviews and answering the product survey. They can also get points by inviting friends to register. These points can be converted to cash. Mode of payment will depend on the agreement between the testers and us.

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Q: What was the inspiration behind the creation of Beta Realm?

A: With the mobile app industry growing, many independent and small-sized companies are emerging. Some of these developers cannot afford in-house Quality Assurance Staff; they can only rely on their internal testing. That was the problem we saw. That was how Beta Realm came into the picture. We wanted to provide our fellow developers a platform they can use in order to further improve their apps. No consumer would want a buggy app, right?

The next thing we had to think about was how to provide testers for those developers. Only a few would want to test an app for free. So we decided to give out points to testers which they can convert to cash.

That is the gist of how it all started.

Q: How is the response to Beta Realm so far?

A: It has only been a few weeks since our launch, but we have already gathered a fair number of testers. Currently we have around 1,300 testers signed up with our website and 35 apps from different developers. It only shows we’re heading in the right direction.

Q: What are your plans?

A: Improve. Update. Grow. We still have a list of new features for Beta Realm, and we will continue in developing more, for the benefit of both developers and testers. We’ll also keep our service up-to-date on new technologies and libraries. We’ll make sure to give them a service that will ease their app testing. And lastly, we’ll continue to grow our community. We want more people to be involved in this process of bug-hunting because with this, we can ensure better products. We want developers to have bug-free apps. We want testers to have earnings for themselves. By helping each other, we are building a smart and reliable community that will lead to a better future for app development.

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Q: What makes Beta Realm stand out from other websites offering the same services?

A: Beta Realm does not require you to have a background in testing! We only want you to report, report, and report bugs! It’s as easy as that. Even if you have never tried being a tester before, it’s alright as long as you have the patience to test. This is a service open to all.

Testers also hold their own time. They can test when it’s convenient for them as long as they file reports before the testing period ends.

You are also free to give your idea for the improvement of the app. You can give a review to the developers so that they’ll know what you are expecting from the app.

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Q: Aside from the monetary incentives, what else would seasoned beta testers have to look forward to with Beta Realm?

A: Since Beta Realm is relatively young, new users have the opportunity to be the pioneers of the service. Users can help us to make this service better in terms of functions and community. In addition, we have plans for the best testers in terms of additional incentives and rewards in the future, so stay tuned!

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