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LlamaZOO’s Journey From The Heights Of Video Gaming To The Depths Of The Earth

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LlamaZOO Interactive is an award-winning Virtual Reality / Mixed Reality (VR/MR) studio that develops 3D education and communication software for enterprise.

Below is our recent interview with LlamaZOO’s co-founders Charles Lavigne (CEO) and Kevin Oke (VP Sales):

Q: What is unique about LlamaZOO and how does it stand out from the competition?

Charles: Before founding LlamaZOO Kevin and I spent over a decade each in the videogame industry, working for top companies such as EA, Sony, Ubisoft, and Microsoft. We started LlamaZOO with the shared vision of leveraging our expertise in interactive technologies to solve real-world problems for industry and education.

What makes us unique is that we leverage the technology proficiency we gained from building best-selling video games, and then partner with subject matter experts to gain industry-specific expertise, and the result is solutions which are an ideal fit for the market.

The other thing that sets LlamaZOO apart, is the underlying platform we’ve created for developing interactive 3D content. The LlamaZOO platform enables us to develop solutions faster and at a lower cost than otherwise possible, both of which makes our clients very happy.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your enterprise solution services?

Kevin: At LlamaZOO we develop 3D education and communication software for innovative, forward-thinking customers. We specialize in Virtual and Mixed Reality, but with our platform we are able to build 3D visualizations that are accessible on any device.

We started out focusing on veterinary education, where our 3D anatomy software EasyAnatomy has now been adopted by veterinary schools in over 50 countries, and by leading schools such as the University of Pennsylvania, University of Saskatchewan, and University of Oregon.

Our current focus is within the mining and oil and gas industries, where we’ve seen tremendous reception of the benefits of virtual and augmented reality solutions, in particular our recently developed MineLife VR.

Q: Could you tell us something more about your MineLife VR project?

Kevin: MineLife VR is a Virtual Reality software platform that presents a truly three-dimensional representation of a mine plan from exploration to closure, at scale, using actual planning and geospatial data.

The software synthesizes traditionally dispersed, complex geospatial and mine planning data. As a unified data source, MineLife VR enables mining companies’ internal and external stakeholders to immerse themselves in the mine plan, and interact with it through its entire lifecycle, from any angle, whether thousands of feet up in the air, or down on the ground. The tool improves communication and planning and design iteration, dramatically speeding up time to value.

We originally developed a version of MineLife VR as a pilot project with one of the world’s largest mining companies, and since then we’ve turned it into a platform so that we can rapidly develop solutions for any mine plan for any mining company.

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Q: What have been some major company milestones over the last 12 months?

Charles: The last year has been huge for LlamaZOO’s evolution from an innovative leader in a very specific niche (veterinary education), to demonstrating the power of our platform across a variety of markets.

Milestones for our past 12 months include:

– Working with one of the world’s largest diversified mining companies on a series of groundbreaking VR projects.

– Reaching the Top 10 in 2017’s South by SouthWest (SXSWedu) Launch Competition – as the only Canadian finalist.

– Unveiling the world’s first Virtual Reality (and Augmented Reality) canine dissection experience.

– Raising a new round of investment.

Q: Which industries do you anticipate will be most disrupted by VR/AR/MR over the next 5 years?

Charles: We believe that the most significant impact of VR/AR/MR over time will be in solving challenges and creating solutions for enterprises.

Companies and industries that deal with complex, difficult to access, expensive, and/or hazardous locations and physical structures are the ones who stand to reap the most benefit from interactive 3D visualization and VR/AR/MR. Mining, oil and gas, and construction are the areas that we anticipate will be most disrupted by these technologies, and it’s in those industries that we are focused on providing solutions.

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