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Loopcast – Stream And Record Your Music Live From Anywhere At Anytime!

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London based startup Loopcast is the latest frontier in live music streaming. Creating your own virtual rooms you can stream your music live for friends, fans, and followers everywhere and interact – chat with them in real time. Here is recent interview with Thomas G. Amundsen, Co-Founder and CEO of Loopcast:

Q: What is Loopcast and how does it work?

A: Loopcast is a live music streaming application, accompanied by a set of interactive and engaging social features.
More specifically our platform allows users to create their own virtual rooms, where they can stream their music live for a global audience.
Loopcast is ideally suited for DJ’s, enabling them to stream live directly from their third party software/hardware with a click of a button. While broadcasting on Loopcast, users are able to interact and chat with their audience in real time. We also enable users to record their sets while broadcasting live. These can be saved and hosted on their profiles so any listener can go back and relive the moment.

Q: What inspired you to start working on Loopcast?

A: I’ve been DJ’ing around London these past few years. I’ve released my music on several different labels as well as setting up my own label, Cleanroom Records, two years ago. During this time I continuously ran into the issue of finding a social platform which would allow me to stream my DJ sets live as well as record them, not only from clubs, but from anywhere at anytime. I’ve encountered countless talented DJ’s who simply don’t have the privilege to play at reputable clubs. We want to enable these, and any other artists, to showcase their music live and find their audience on Loopcast, where there’s no limit to the amount of listeners for them to engage.

Q: What we can expect from you in next six months?

A: During the next sixth months we plan to launch Loopcast officially, so expect to test our platform very shortly. We are currently operating in private beta to optimize our service and gear it completely towards our user base. Within the coming months we will scale our beta and allow more and more users to utilize Loopcast.


Q: How would you describe the biggest benefit of using Loopcast?

A: At Loopcast we have remained focused on both the user experience and the interface, making it extremely simple and quick to use for any content creator. Quality sound is at the heart of our service. We are currently streaming at over 200 kbps and aim to keep pushing that number higher and higher. I’m also extremely excited about some of the premium features we are developing, such as song recognition during live streams and personalized statistics so users can explore their audience’s demographics.
Overall we truly believe Loopcast is an innovative and engaging experience for both the artist and the fan inside all of us. We aim to solve many of the issues encountered in live music streaming and fill a necessary void in today’s ever developing music industry.

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