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Mappsafe – Let’s Make Public Places Safer For Everyone!

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Mappsafe is Melbourne based startup committed to reduce violence in public areas by mapping safe and unsafe places. Here is recent interview with Usman Zuberi Founder and CEO of Mappsafe.

Q: Tell us what your startup does?

A: Mappsafe is a crowd-sourcing mobile app that reduces violence in public areas by mapping safe and unsafe places for anti-social behaviour, poor street lighting and obscure/deserted pathways and shares this info with users to increase awareness and with relevant authorities (and enterprise partners) to improve policing, street lighting, community safety and development.

Our vision is to reduce violence in public places with help of mobile technology, crowd-sourcing and data analytics.


Q: Where did the idea for Mappsafe come from?

A: I was moved by some highly publicised cases of sexual violence against women in India and Melbourne. I was disturbed and frustrated by that. I wanted to use technology and power of the people to come up with a solution that could help everyone. So Mappsafe is for everyone, and our main focus is on reducing violence in public places against women and young girls as well as travellers. We think that my making the world safer for women, we can make the world safer for everyone.


Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We are at MVP stage. We have a working prototype ready. For the next couple of months, we will be working with alpha customers and then beta customers to improve the product. Here you can request free invite.

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