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MaritzCX Helps Businesses Turn Customer Experience (CX) Programs into Hard Business Results

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MaritzCX provides software and services that help organizations see, sense and act on the experiences and desires of every customer to increase retention, conversion and lifetime value. Below is our interview with Chris Cottle, Chief Marketing Officer at MaritzCX:


Q: Chris, tell us something more about MaritzCX and your services?

A: MaritzCX gives businesses around the world the ability to understand their customers better, to detect and respond to at-risk customers faster, and to act more personally, so they can target and continuously improve the interactions and experiences with every customer. In turn, this helps businesses increase customer retention, conversion and lifetime value, while driving greater performance in ways that they may never have thought possible. We do this by providing a combination of customer experience (CX) software, research science, vertical market expertise, and managed program services.

Q: What advantage does MaritzCX have over its competitors?

A: First is our results-oriented philosophy. At MaritzCX, we believe that acting on customer feedback to improve the customer experience is a means to an end. Our true objective is to help our clients achieve their business goals – namely reducing customer churn and increasing revenue.

Second, making use of big data, our software integrates easily with other systems like CRM, POS and ERP so that decision-makers can see the connections between customer experience, operational performance, and business results. This ensures that employees act on what actually matters, not just what customers say.

Third is our straight-to-the-answer software. Our innovative Spotlight data mining module turns mountains of data into laser-focused insights in seconds and frees CX practitioners to spend more of their time driving change.

Fourth is our deep expertise in research and consulting. Built on 40 years of experience, MaritzCX research, consulting, and program management offers strategic and expert services that help organizations map the ideal customer journey, assess performance, and develop highly effective CX programs.

Finally, fifth is our breakthrough CXEvolution framework. CXEvolution is the first and most comprehensive framework for assessing, measuring, and prescribing specific actions proven to link customer experience maturity with financial outcomes

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Q: What is CXEvolution and how does it work?

A: CXEvolution is an assessment and action model inspired by MaritzCX’s years of experience working with global organizations. CXEvolution positions companies to tap into the significant financial opportunity of CX by handing them a tailored, actionable path forward. The CXEvolution framework begins with an in-depth assessment that uncovers details about an organization’s mastery in 14 CX competencies across six dimensions. The results not only identify an organization’s overall CX maturity stage, but also provide a benchmark against industry peers, best-in-class leaders and the market at large. MaritzCX then presents a prescriptive action plan suited to each CX maturity stage.

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Q: What are main benefits of using CXEvolution?

A: Through recent assessments of more than 4,300 CX professionals around the world, MaritzCX has proven that companies with higher levels of customer experience maturity consistently garner large payoffs in revenue, margin growth, customer retention and profitability – up to three times more than firms with lower organizational CX maturity.

Most companies are still relatively immature when it comes to managing their customer experience. Making the right small improvements can create a significant opportunity for organizations to leapfrog the competition and catapult their CX programs far ahead of industry averages — before others beat them to it. With the development of CXEvolution, MaritzCX provides a clear evolutionary path to clients, along with products and services offered by us and our partners, to maximize the value of each stage of a company’s CX maturity.

Businesses can begin by taking a complimentary CX assessment.

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Q: What are your plans for the first half of 2016?

A: At MaritzCX, our mission is to help companies see faster, sense earlier and act more personally in responding to customer feedback throughout the operations of their business. In the first half of 2016, our focus will continue to be on improving the customer experience process for practitioners and for their end customers through additional product features and meaningful ways to interact with end customers. MaritzCX is working toward helping businesses tap into customers who have shared information with a company but don’t answer surveys or provide direct feedback. The information they have shared is in the form of indirect feedback, through purchases and interactions with the company. This ‘big data’ is rich with history and insights that companies can use to engage with customers in a smarter way, with less surveying and more accuracy. Future enhancements to our platform include predictive analytics, further refinements to text analytics, advanced social media integrations, and much more.

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