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Meazon Is Aiming To Create An Inflection Point In Energy Efficiency Projects, Through Its Cutting Edge Technology

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Meazon designs easy-to-install award winning energy metering and control solutions for optimizing energy efficiency. The company provides wireless circuit-level meters that allow real-time breakdowns of energy consumption and control, creating opportunities for saving energy. Meazon’s solutions are customizable and components fit in most of the existing electrical panels. Using superior ZigBee connectivity, energy meters can be placed nearly anywhere in the building. Meazon’s customer base includes utilities, ESCOs, system integrators and Telco’s, as well as service providers and industrial companies. Below is our interview with John Gionas, Co-Founder of Meazon:


Q: John, tell us something more about Meazon and your core competence?

A: Imagine a world where energy waste is traceable, energy consumption is personalized and utilities can control the energy flow to specific loads according to their strategies, in cooperation with the end user.

Meazon designs and manufactures at scale revolutionary small size energy meters and integrates them with cloud technology. We build on open standards and provide insights in energy consumption of commercial and residential buildings. Our metering solution is 100% robust and redundant, storing energy data and schedules both on meter and gateway level. This way we drive significant energy efficiency. Meazon own designed product portfolio enables users and energy companies to get in a detailed, analytic and real time manner the energy profile of appliances, homes or buildings and control the electricity flow on a central or local level. This is achieved by embedding wireless and open standards Internet of Things (IoT) technologies into small size, highly accurate energy meters and controllers that apart from collecting data and forwarding them to a central cloud based infrastructure for big data analytics services they can also take decisions and act on a local level.

Meazon technology addresses the energy efficiency market, one of the largest business opportunities in the planet today. We provide the necessary technology tools and services for the energy waste identification. Due to our unique product design characteristics related to small size, reduced installation and commissioning time, wireless nature and Low Total Cost of Ownership we act as an inflection point in energy efficiency investments market. In parallel, our technology can be used by utilities to provide Demand Flexibility services to their users to shift electricity use across hours of the day.

Meazon technology enables other type of market offerings such as electricity consumption personalization and prepaid electricity services. This way we support the transformation of utilities and energy companies into value added services offering organizations.

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Q: Could you explain the function and advantages of your revolutionary – small size energy meters?

A: Meazon is not yet another company producing energy meters. We are an Energy Efficiency Technology company. We analyzed thoroughly the technology barriers that energy efficiency projects face today in terms of energy management and designed our portfolio in a way that lowers or removes those barriers, mainly related to small size, low TCO, ease of installation & commissioning and open system to 3rd party products. We found an excellent match of the IoT technologies in the energy efficiency sector. We possess unique knowhow and experience in designing and commercializing in large scale embedded electronics technologies.

Our circuit-level DIN rail form-factor meters (also called sub-meters) are so small that almost fit everywhere. Due to their optimal cost efficient design, they have a low TCO enabling the adoption of a larger number of metering points, driving much more detailed insight into energy efficiency opportunities. Mesh network connectivity permits effective positioning of meters in any location of a building. Integrated with our network gateway product, data can be aggregated for analysis and insight generation in our cloud-based analytics service. Alternatively, thanks to our open, pluggable data architecture customers can choose to route their meter data to other data collection and analysis services. The high metering accuracy (consistent with the definitions in IEEE 1459 and ANSI C12.1) and advanced meter points (current, voltage, frequency, active and reactive power/energy) combined with the internal data logger and scheduler give the best value for money. The highly integrated low power design implemented in a sophisticated embedded system design enables a low BOM / high performance design allowing for monitoring samples down to 1 second. The wireless interface ΙΕΕΕ 802.15.4 (ΖigΒee) simplifies the installation effort and minimizes costs. The low cost allows the technology to be widely deployed in wireless control and monitoring applications. Low power usage allows longer life with smaller batteries. Mesh networking provides high reliability and more extensive range. The ZigBee network layer natively supports both star and tree typical networks, and generic mesh networks.

Meazon’s energy analytics platform deploys the latest information technologies to offer a robust, secure and expandable tool for operational energy data management. The platform is capable of receiving and exporting multi-structured data sets and sensibly represent this data over a web browser. We utilize Microsoft Azure to ensure maximum reliability and availability of service. Our platform is fast, dynamic and secure. Users can manually upload their energy data keeping the same analysis capabilities. An iOS application enables mobile users to access it from anywhere they might be. Using Meazon Bizy, companies and buildings get real-time, meaningful information about the consumption and generation of electrical energy and sensor data. The information is analyzed per appliance, line, phase, site or geographic area. Data can easily be exported for off-line processing in Excel or Business Intelligence systems.

· Real time monitoring of consumption/generation/sensor data per location, phase, line and appliance
· Comparison and aggregation of time series data across metrics, devices, phases, and locations.
· Customizable notifications and alarms by SMS or email when thresholds are exceeded.
· Advanced “intelligent” reporting with regression modelling, auditing, data heat maps, load profiling, model baselines and PV net metering among others.
· Available on web, iOS and Android.

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Q: Your solutions drive significant energy efficiency, tell us something more?

A: Energy saving is cheaper than energy production. Understanding the type and amounts of energy consumed by various loads within a building is fundamental in creating an energy policy and driving consumption down. Building sectors are responsible for approximately 40% of the world’s total annual energy consumption.

Energy efficiency projects are tightly related to financing. The risk of this type of projects is correlated to delivering calculated energy savings. In order to analyze in a reliable manner energy efficiency projected savings in a building, one must measure in as much detail as possible the basic loads and build a business case. Following the implementation of energy interventions, the continuous monitoring of the building’s energy performance becomes necessary, in an even more detailed manner than in the analysis phase. This happens because there is always the need for a deeper analysis on specific loads energy performance. Up to now energy efficiency investments had to overcome 3 main barriers of energy monitoring and management, affecting the whole investment:

1. Large energy submeters, preventing the monitoring of many loads in the same Distribution Board
2. Expensive equipment and installation costs including wiring and complexity
3. Monolithic and closed energy monitoring and control systems, locking in the customer with specific vendors for the overall investment lifecycle

Meazon puts an end to all these issues, by introducing our Bizy IOT platform, combining energy metering, advanced data aggregation services and cloud based analytics. Our energy meters are so small they almost fit anywhere. This combined with low total cost of ownership leads to increased project ROI. Our design architecture is wireless and open enabling the integration to other energy analytics services. Our energy analytics service is cloud based providing meaningful energy insights anywhere, anytime. Our target markets are those of energy efficiency, smart homes and industrial processes optimization. Savings can start from the modest and conservative 2% due to simple inhabitants’ behavioral changes and go up to the impressive 20%++ due to systems automation introduction as well as building envelope interventions.

Q: Is there anything that set Meazon apart from its competition?

A: Meazon energy efficiency solution is differentiated from competition in the following areas:

· Wireless, open communication, small, low TCO meters
· Plug & play, self-charging, super small energy meter (already won 2 innovative product awards in Europe (European Utility Week) and US (Energy Manager Today)
· Fully automated commissioning tools, reducing installation costs
· ZigBee tools, reducing development costs
· Powerful, h/w agnostic, Linux based, energy data gateway towards the cloud
· Local meter data logging and scheduling

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Q: What can we expect from Meazon in 2016?

A: Meazon plans to have an office in US in the beginning of 2016. In the same time we plan to launch new products in the market such as a new smart Gateway enabling gathering of energy, security, water and gas data over long distances.

We plan to launch a wireless smart water meter adhering to the same philosophy as our electricity power sub meter. The same will be done for gas meters also, completing our energy metering series with cloud based analytics and controls.

Another product area is that of an electronic security adapter, applicable to most of the existing legacy electronic alarm systems, enabling users to arm, disarm & monitor (among other services) their legacy security alarm system over their mobile device or laptop.

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