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RocketClub – Earn Startup Stock For Promoting Cool Products

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Written by: Erik Chan, co-founder of RocketClub


Erik Chan is co-founder of RocketClub, a website where anyone can get startup stock in the “Next Big Thing” for believing in products early. A serial entrepreneur and technologist, Erik is a graduate of MIT, Tsinghua, and Johns Hopkins.

When was the last time you discovered a new startup and wished you had started it? Or better yet, you had shares in the company?

RocketClub lets you get in on the ground floor at these startups without requiring having extra money to invest. They let anyone receive stock ownership for adopting and promoting new startups.

So this is how it works. New startups list on the RocketClub website running 30-day campaigns seeking users for shares in their company. And in return for getting shares, these early adopters adopt the startup’s product, offer feedback, and refer new friends.

RocketClub – Earn Startup Stock For Promoting Cool Products

It’s pretty simple. It’s similar to crowdfunding except that no money is involved. What startups get in return for offering equity ownership in their company are real authentic supporters who will help push the startup to the next stage. The feedback early users offer new startups can usually make or break them. Ultimately, all products serve users, and RocketClub introduces a warm handshake between the two parties to collaborate.

Crowd ownership

Crowd ownership aligns the long-term goals of product owners and developers with their audience. Both parties have the skin in the game, a much better incentive than cash where one party is much less concerned with the long-term health of their participation. At RocketClub, we believe this alignment of ownership will spark more interesting partnerships between parties. It’s clear that the power of the crowd is much stronger than any one group or individual.

The idea for RocketClub originated from our own needs. My cofounder, Paul Chen, and I have always enjoyed developing new products. We wanted a solution as such to seed our past experiments. New products never blast out of the gate ready for primetime, and we wanted a way to acquire a crowd of users to incubate the new products we developed. A way for us to share our wares with a community, and let the community share in the upside of products that succeeded. Ideas are a dime a dozen, real adoption requires something much more.

RocketClub has signed up a notable list of companies including Jigglist (Angelpad), Spottly (500 startups), and others. Join us and get first and exclusive access to larger stock rewards on the platform!

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