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Meet Figment – Up And Coming DJ In The Los Angeles Electronic Music World

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Figment is an up and coming DJ in the Los Angeles electronic music world. Although he moved to California a year ago with no connections, he taught himself how to make music and has been building his reputation behind the scenes with fundamental players such as Insomniac, the world renowned owners of Electric Daisy Carnival and Beyond Wonderland. In addition to that, Figment has also been getting gigs at some of the biggest clubs in LA, including Academy in Hollywood, and building a following by sharing his carefully curated playlists of culturally relevant techno favorites on his bi monthly show, the Not Figment Podcast.

The journey from obscure underground producer to rising star started with an idea that Figment had when he realized a correlation between the styles of some of his favorite artists. What some may call an obsession, Figment’s interest in the fundamentals of dance music brought him to the point of listening to the same 20 songs for 6 hours a day. This ultimately led Figment to research the history of electronic music, so he could understand the inspiration at a deeper level. Producing music now comes naturally to Figment, but it was a journey to reach the point where he felt as though he could create music himself. In an interview Figment said, “I make music in a way that is more mathematical than musical.” Understanding and leveraging the mathematical side of music production became second nature to Figment who had a love for numbers and math ever since he was in elementary school. Just like that, the idea of making music wasn’t so daunting and he packed his bags and moved to California.

Figment says, “producing music is work, just like anything else, but music production is special because you can test your ideas in seconds and know if they suck or not.”

Even though Figment has experienced success in getting the attention of big name labels and securing well-known venues, this is not where the journey ends for him. Figment is on a mission to bring his brand and style of techno music to the world. Another way he is pioneering new growth for the genre, is through the production of his latest venture, a podcast titled The Not Figment Podcast that has been played by thousands of listeners in hundreds of countries around the world.

“I’ll play new tracks from fresh artists that deserve the spotlight, classics from the entire history of the dance music catalog, and new original Figment tracks that I’ll premiere for the first time on the podcast. I’m not constricted by genre or year – if the music is inspiring and unique, I tend to love it. Anyone who feels the same way will find inspiration in this podcast, or at least find music they love but didn’t yet know existed.”

Figment would like to use his newfound platform to also bring attention to the mental health stigma that seems to linger in the electronic music circle, and to be a part of eliminating that stigma. Figment recently attended Remedy State Arete, an event in Ibiza that was started by Blaise DeAngelo, Skrillex’s former label manager. The event focused on meditation, stress reduction, deep breathing, honesty, and creative freedom. Remedy State Arete provided Figment with a breath of fresh air, both literally and figuratively. It was good for him to see that the night life, constant traveling, and social expectations took a toll on everyone else just as did it him, and even better for him to see them all learn how to cope in healthy ways. Figment still implements meditation in his life, stating that he meditates at least twice per day.

More than anything, Figment hopes that his fans will see that he is always real. He trusts that true fans can, “smell inauthenticity a mile away.” According to Figment, creativity is pure happiness, and making his kind of music which he refers to as, “futuristic tribal electronic music that sounds mind-bending but celebrates everything about life, even the dark stuff”, is when he can really express that. To learn more and tune in to the Not Figment Podcast.

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