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MOBIA Continues To Invest In Hiring Top Talent As Well As Expanding Into New Markets Such As Seattle, Portland And Alberta

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Below is our recent interview with Chris Peerless, Western VP for MOBIA:

Q: Much like the rest of Canada, you’ve mobilized your workforce to ‘working from home’ within a short period of time, how have you adapted your leadership style to inspire remote employees?

A: As a technology company, MOBIA is lucky in the sense that we were already largely prepared to shift to remote work and were able to adapt pretty seamlessly. The biggest change, for me personally, was reimagining how to lead and inspire remote employees. I have adapted an approach of consistent, small touchpoints with my team daily — we have no agenda for these sessions other than building trust, catching up, promoting collaboration and checking in on one another. Plus, sharing a daily ‘dad joke’ to help keep things light.

Q: You’ve made a number of new hire announcements, Randy Hackbart being the most recent, MOBIA is clearly recruiting– can you comment on business growth during a pandemic?

A: MOBIA is fortunate to be in a spot where we are growing — and now is a great time to hire top talent. As a result of some of the unfortunate layoffs and other changes that businesses have had to make, we are seeing incredibly talented candidates become available. Over the past several months, MOBIA’s business has grown, and continues to grow, by focusing on how technology — such as digital transformation strategy, securing IT environments or adapting an agile approach — can help businesses during this challenging time. Highlighting our approach and the opportunities in front of MOBIA to truly help other organizations, has enabled us to attract top talent.

Q: Speaking of Business growth, have you noticed a trend in what customers are looking for? Do you think it’s different from this time last year?

A: More than ever, businesses are looking to IT to create innovative solutions and provide competitive advantages to enable business growth. Essentially, they’re looking for a partner to help guide them through their digital transformation journey.

Q: You mentioned Digital Transformation, can you expand on what that means from a MOBIA point of view?

A: ‘Digital transformation’ is a term that gets thrown around a lot and has come to have a variety of different meanings — it can get confusing. I describe digital transformation as the integration of digital technology across all aspects of an organization, to deliver increased value. Today, all businesses are participating in some form of digital transformation or another — some who do it extremely well and others who do not. MOBIA can help businesses make sure they’re thinking through their digital transformation strategy in a thoughtful way that will lead to positive change and tangible ROI.

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Q: What do we have to look forward to seeing from MOBIA in the upcoming months?

A: Continued growth! MOBIA is continuing to invest in hiring top talent that fit our culture and company values, as well as expanding into new markets such as Seattle, Portland and Alberta. We have been fortunate to earn the trust of many enterprise customers and we’re eager to further invest in supporting them along their digital transformation journeys.

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