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More Than 800 Films Competes For Rewards At This Years Fan Boy Film Festival

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Fan Boy Film Festival is an online film festival intended to help filmmakers, who want to share their art with fans and interact with other filmmakers, to gain the most visibility and exposure for their films. The festival is running from July 15 to August 26th. In that period, anyone can visit their website and register for a FREE account and stream over 850 films. Below is our interview with Michael Kanik from Fan Boy Film Festival:


Q: For those who have never heard of it, how would you describe the Fan Boy Film Festival?

A: The Fan Boy Film Festival is a global film festival, an online initiative offering film enthusiasts and fanboys alike free content viewing. It’s a film festival unlimited by geography, economics, travel accommodations or screening schedules. Fan Boy stream lines the way filmmakers can gain exposure to global audiences.

Q: How did the idea for the festival come about?

A: The brainchild of Michael Kanik, a wanna-be superhero, Fan Boy Film Festival was born out of his desire to see more indie fanboy film content at Comic-Con. “As a self professed fanboy, I was left wanting more after my annual trek to Comic-Con last year. There are some genius fan films out there that, I felt, needed a platform so I decided to create a festival of our own and bring this world to every comic book nerd out there in the privacy of his basement, and better yet, free of charge! Everyone is invited! I had no idea of the amount of interest we’d have…then 100’s of entries from all over the world came pouring in! It’s crazy to think that more people will attend the Fan Boy Film Festival than the top 5 films festivals in the world combined. Launching Fan Boy makes me feel like a real superhero!”

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Q: What is your mission?

A: Our mission is to help filmmakers gain the most visibility and exposure for their films.

Q: Does festival charge a submission fee for filmmakers to participate?

A: We do not charge a submission fee to filmmakers. We do not charge a fee to fans to view and vote on content. The entire Fan Boy experience is 100% free.

Q: How many films are available this festival?

A: More than 800 films available for viewing, comprised of full length features, shorts and documentaries, will compete for cash prizes, which will be determined by votes from the viewing fan base. More than 1000 entries were submitted from filmmakers from around the world.

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Q: What are the categories and prizes for this year’s festival?

A: There are over $15,000 in cash prizes being awarded this festival. This year’s contest introduces a pioneering category for films created on a smartphone or tablet, uniquely recognizing that films are no longer created on traditional equipment. The winner of this category wins a $5,000 cash prize. Other categories include a MEME Contest and Best Film, with cash prizes of $1,000 and $10,000 respectively.

Q: How are prizes awarded?

A: All prizes are awarded based solely on the votes of registered Fan Boy users as opposed to traditional film festivals where prizes and awards are decided by panels of filmmakers or industry professionals. We believe it is audiences and fans that should decide the merit of films.

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Q: What are the dates of this year’s festival?

A: The festival will run from July 15 to August 26th. In that period, anyone can visit our website to register for a FREE account and access the ability to stream over 850 films.

Q: What can we expect from you in the future?

A: We hope to build on this festival’s momentum and continue to grow our global community of filmmakers and fans. More people will attend the Fan Boy Film Festival than the top 5 film festivals in the world combined. We have some exciting plans for the future. Stay tuned.

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