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New Startup MailPad simplifies the search of new leads

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New startup MailPad helps startups discover new customers and generate sales leads. MailPad offers inbuilt search that allows users to type in keywords in order to view Twitter, LinkedIn or GitHub contacts relevant to their search and then directly contact new leads. Here is our interview with Philip Cook from MailPad team:

Q: What is MailPad?

A: MailPad simplifies the search, discovery and direct contact of new leads to grow sales, increase users and drive clients. The current problem is that finding new users, clients and customers is time consuming, expensive and often very inefficient. We’ve remodeled this whole process. MailPad offers a powerful inbuilt search that allows you to type in keywords (e.g. startups, professionals, graduates etc.) in order to view Twitter, LinkedIn and GitHub contacts relevant to your search – we display profile images, profile links, names and account handles to help you investigate the person further, if desired. Users are then able to directly email their chosen contacts once (and once only) through MailPad whilst simultaneously choosing a reply address. If their chosen leads reply, they will receive these replies straight to their chosen inbox.

MailPad simplifies the search of new leads

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Q: What’s your monetization plan?

A: We’re charging a monthly subscription across 2 paid plans and one free plan. The free plan allows MailPad users to contact 15 people; the first paid plan allows users to contact 1,200 people and the last paid plan allows users to contact 15,000 people. We’re still yet to launch, so this may change at a later date, but this seems reasonable. Our plans start at $40 (3 cents per targeted lead isn’t too bad!), with our upper plan costing $280 (less than 2 cents per lead).

Q: Who do you see as your target audience?

A: We’re targeting startups, founders, business owners, managers, marketers and anyone with a product, service or company. Essentially, if your goal is to increase sales, get more customers or find clients, then MailPad is for you.

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Q: What are your plans?

A: We’re building in SPAM prevention aids such as IP blocking for multiple accounts, identical message control, message limits etc. Certain countries have very tough SPAM laws, so we’re going to monitor the situation and limit access where necessary.

We’re going to document our rise from 0 paying customers to 1,000 monthly paying customers in our launch blog – we’ll include details such as our marketing strategy, development roadmaps and any hurdles that we run into.

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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using it?

A: We’re giving anyone the power to to contact relevant leads with a simple search. It takes 1 minute of your time to contact a lead and personalise responses. Our free plan allows anyone to contact 15 people for free – there’s absolutely nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Early subscribers will get 20% off their first month (first paid plan is around $40) for early subscribers & invites to closed-beta testing. Try it!

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