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OGScapital – Investor Attracting Business Plans For Startups

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OGScapital-helps startups to raise financing

OGScapital is consulting company engaged in providing individual solutions for startups and small businesses. OGS Consulting helps startups to raise financing and move the businesses to the next level. Below is our interview with Alex Silensky, partner at OGScapital:

Q: What can you do for startups? Tell us something more about OGScapital and your services?

A: Founded in 2006, OGScapital is the world’s leading SME consulting and business plan execution firm. We help our clients take their business ideas—whether it’s a brand new business or an expansion of an existing one—and turn them into tangible realities. We also provide mentoring services and strategic counseling before, during and after business plan projects.

Q: Do you provide ready-made solutions or unique documents prepared in accordance with the client’s specific requirements?

A: We do not use any software ortemplates to create our business plans. Our professional team creates customized documents from scratch based on the specific needs and desires of our clients. Since every business is unique, every business plan and strategy must also be unique.

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Q: How does it work?

A: Initially, we get background information from the client (the outline of the business idea and the particulars of the future business they’re envisaging). Once we feel that we’ve got a clear understanding of their vision, we start the project. A project leader assigns the relevant team (each of our teams have different levels and areas of expertise) and they begin their work. The project leader liaises with the client and manages the team. Most projects take between 12-14 days, including 2-3 days to resolveall the client’s comments and issue the final version of the business plan.

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Q: Is there anything that set OGScapital apart from similar companies?

A: OGScapital distinguishes itself from its competitors in the following ways:

• Fully customized business plans (as discussed above) that are prepared according to the requirements of investors/lenders.
• Individualized approach: We see each client as an individual, as someone with unique aspirations and expectations. Whenever we communicate with our clients, we are highly conscious of this fact, and our products and services reflect this bespoke approach.
• Industry focus: Our team is divided into different industry-specificsub-groups. The client is assigned to the team that has the specific knowledge and skills that will best represent the client’s interests.
• A high-profile team: All our team members have experience in globally leading consulting companies. We, thus, have access to first-hand experience of best practices from Fortune 1000 companies all over the world. We boast industry leaders, MBA graduates, and a wide range of research specialists.
• A team experienced in securing financing: With more than 4,000 business plans to our credit, OGScapital has helped SMEs raise over 1.5 billion dollars in investments and secured loans.
• Fundraising network: Thanks to our established connections with investors, we can, upon request, circulate the business plan among those who have the means to make the client’s vision a reality.

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Q: Do you have any particular advice for startups planning to raise capital?

A: Before beginning a fundraising program, entrepreneurs should consider the following:

• The business idea has to be formulated clearly. It has to be an innovative and scalable solution for actual customer needs
• Entrepreneur/management team has to have relevant experience and successful track records to support start-up development
• The start-up has to operate in a market with growth potential
• Founder has to be reasonable and ready to have constructive discussions aboutcommercial terms (including stake of equity attributable to investor) of equity/loan injections into the start-up.
• Investors want to see an exit strategy

Finally, it is extremely important to show the investor/lender that you have made some (the more the better) of the preliminary steps needed to make the business operational. If, for example, you have a completed software platform, preliminary interest from potential clients, a working business model, or clients under contract, investors will be more likely to look favorably on your request. Remember, a good idea isn’t enough.

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