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One Of The Fastest-Growing European Fintech Startups Creamfinance Launches In Scandinavia

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Personal loans backed up by Smart-Data technology are a huge hit in global Fintech landscape, and Creamfinance wants a piece of the action. Next week, on Monday, Latvian-Polish personal finance company Creamfinance is officially launching its services in Denmark. To follow up on further expansion, we sat down with the Co-Founder & CEO Matiss Ansviesulis.


Q: Matiss, how would you describe Creamfinance in your own words?

A: Creamfinance is a consumer finance company that focuses on Smart Data, which is the most accurate way of measuring credit readiness that translates into fast product delivery. The company was founded by me and my business partner Davis back in 2012 from nothing with an intention to make personal finance easy and accessible for everybody in need. At this moment we are in 6 countries, have € 30M in run rate revenue, €100M in issuing run rate and have recently been ranked second in the prestigious Inc.5000 Europe list of fastest growing European companies.

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Consumer expectations for lending services are increasing – with improving technology consumers expect such service to be faster than ever, and for that purpose we aim to provide speedy service to the best of our abilities. To do so, we are focusing on becoming a one-click loans provider to consumers globally.

Q: You’ve recently officially announced the launch of office in Denmark; tell us something more?

A: Yes, indeed, we are launching in Denmark in a couple of weeks, and at the moment we are fully preparing for the launch. We are very excited to expand our reach and get an opportunity get a bigger impact, especially in a market with a strong focus on Fintech. Demand for speedy, convenient and accessible short-term loans is growing, and we are aiming to grasp the natural demand. I think our product is a great fit for Scandinavian market overall, and we are very excited to expand our reach in a region where we were not operating before, since at this point our focus was primarily CEE.

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Q: What geographic markets are you focusing on currently?

A: At this very moment our full focus is on Denmark due to the expected launch. Other than that, we are recruiting for Latin America, and we expect to launch in Mexico in a period of 2-3 months.

Q: What have been some major milestones over the last 24 months?

A: The past 24 months have been significant in company’s growth and overall success – we have created industry-leading risk management, have strengthened top management team and diversified our funding. In addition to this, a couple of months ago, thanks to the 4542% 3-year growth, we have been ranked second in the fastest-growing European companies’ list, made by Inc.5000 Europe.

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Q: What milestones can investors expect over the next 12 months?

A: Investors can expect that Creamfinance will have increased the scale, launched long term loans and will have opened in 3 new markets.

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