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Listen to this article® is a privately held US-based company that leverages Blockchain technologies to reach impact-focused investors around the world.

Impact investing is the simple concept of directing a financial portfolio towards causes making a positive social and/or environmental impact in the world.

ORCA® is a global brand that raises awareness about impact investing options. is a working example of disruptive innovation and a pioneer in merging a company name with a domain through the .digital TLD spectrum. They are transforming the digital space in brand name, mission, and vision by removing obstacles so the mainstream can access cryptocurrencies and use them for good.

Their vision to ‘transform lives through digital’ is evidenced through their strong commitment to advocating for affordable cures to costly genetic diseases and disorders through their non-profit foundation, Spread the Cure®.

ORCA takes an agnostic political position and focuses on ways they can find solutions to real crises such as the US National Debt epidemic. In the spirit of Benjamin Franklin, ORCA developed a revolutionary solution to help address a path towards a debt-free USA. The solution is branded and it allows anyone across the globe to contribute cryptocurrency to offset the current deficit.

PODS® consist of clients and the general public alike. Anyone who wants to make an impact can participate as an ORCA PODS member by simply buying an ORCA Awareness Bracelet at CryptoForCures. A portion of profits help support Spread the Cure.

Impact investing is changing the world and it’s changing how individuals and companies view their investment strategies. Investing in companies that are making the world a better place isn’t just a millennial mindset, it transcends generational divisions and is proud to lead this global transformation.

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