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Kyrus Mobile Deploys Innovative Technology For Employers To Prevent Distracted Driving

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Kyrus Mobile has created a best in class enterprise grade solution to prevent the use of mobile devices while driving. Below is our recent interview with Jim Lewis, Chairman & CEO at Kyrus Mobile:

Q: Jim, please provide our readers with a brief introduction to Kyrus Mobile.

A: With the explosive proliferation of mobile devices (phone/tablets) available for use today, distracted driving has rapidly become a global pandemic. The statistics are staggering: at any time, there are more than 800,000 vehicles being driven by someone actively using a mobile device. There were more than 3200 deaths due to distracted driving in the USA alone last year. Texting while driving is 23X more likely to cause a crash, and is worse than drunk driving. One text at 55 mph is the equivalent of driving the length of a football field blind. The founders of Kyrus Mobile recognized this problem while engaging in their athletic passions of cycling and running. Having been hit, forced off the road, and having had many near misses, they knew something needed to be done to help curb the use of these devices while driving. From this passion to solve the problem and help save lives, Kyrus Mobile was born.

Q: How exactly does KyrusFleet work?

A: KyrusFleet is a combination software/hardware solution that uses next generation Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to block the screen of the mobile device. Simply place a small hardware device in the vehicle and pair it with the mobile device. KyrusFleet then displays a curtain screen on the device only while the vehicle is motion. The curtain screen prevents access to the back ground apps, thus preventing any hand held manipulation of the device while the vehicle is moving. All texts, emails, web surfing, hand held dialing, etc., are blocked while driving. Bluetooth hands free calling is optionally allowed. Once the vehicle stops, immediate use of the device is restored, and all texts, missed calls, emails, etc., are instantly accessible. The solution includes an Administrator Portal to monitor the state of the application when in use by the driver and will report any tamper attempts to the administrator.

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Q: Why is it important to prevent the use of mobile devices while driving?

A: One drive down the local road or highway in your neighborhood or town will make the case for Kyrus Mobile and its technology perfectly clear. With the advent of social media, and the fear of missing out on that text or Facebook post, it is very clear people are completely addicted to their devices. There is a real term for that called Nemophobia: fear of not being with your phone. To wit: one in three drivers are actively using their devices while behind the wheel. It’s crazy, and incredibly dangerous. Statistics further show that over there are over 600,000 distracted driving related crashes a year on our roads. We suspect there are many more that go unreported. The case of why its important to prevent the use of mobile devices while driving is really just that obvious: to save lives!

Q: What is the target market for Kyrus Mobile?

A: The target market is any company that use fleets of vehicles for daily commerce. Any organization that has employees who can use the phone and drive a vehicle while on company time is a prospect for Kyrus. Indeed, there are over 250,000 fleets of 15+ vehicles in the USA alone. These companies will typically create mobile device use policy for its employees to follow while driving. This is because companies are responsible for the actions of its employees while on company time under the legal theory of Respondeat Superior or Negligent entrustment. Indeed, several high profile distracted driving crashes have resulted in huge legal judgements: one for $46M and one for $22M, just to name a few. Until now, the company had no way to know if its policies were being followed, or have a tool to enforce them. With Kyrus’ technology, the employer can document that the policy is being followed, that their employees are driving safe while using the app, and can be notified in the event of an infraction to the policy. This is very significant as our technology helps employers ensure compliance with company policy, prevent crashes, reduce risk, limit liability, preserve brand reputation, and preserve human capital by saving lives.

Q: Why is now the time for a technology solution like Kyrus Mobile?

A: There could never be a better time for our company to come to market. Distracted driving is the single biggest killer on our roads here in the USA, and globally. The problem is growing. We receive inquiries from both domestic and international companies and potential partners. This includes trucking companies. Insurance companies, telecoms, and automotive manufactures. They all approach us with same goal in mind: to prevent accidents and save lives.

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Q: What makes you stand out from your competition?

A: One word: simplicity. Our solution is engineered to be simple to deploy in a large enterprise, and easy to use by a driver without being intrusive. We are not a big brother solution, we do not read you text messages, track your location, and know who you called. We simply prevent the use of the device while driving and report any attempts to tamper with the solution.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Kyrus intends to grow the company through partnerships with individual companies, telcos, insurance companies, resellers, and automotive manufactures on a global basis with the distribution of our world class living saving technology. Kindly contact us if we can add value for your organization.

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