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Pheel Offers Luxury Fitness Apparel Made For Fashion Forward Fitness Enthusiasts

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Below is our recent interview with Lisa Lazarus, Co-Founder of Pheel:

Q: Lisa, what is your mission? Can you tell us something more about Pheel?

A: Pheel is a luxury fitness apparel company that combines quality, comfort and style to create exercise clothing made for fashion forward fitness enthusiasts. Our mission is to artistically combine high quality performance fabrics with couture designs to empower and inspire women and men to look and pheel their best throughout their day. It is our belief that when your body pheels good, your soul pheels strong, resilient, confident and motivated. Pheel apparel is designed to connect body and soul.

Q: What are some highlights about your company?

A: Pheel was launched 10 years ago at a local eatery “The 9W Market” in Palisades NY. We have a global following thanks to social media with many celebrities outfitted in pheel. Our on-line boutique has been in existence since the birth of pheel. Just five years ago we added a brick or mortar store located in Tenafly,NJ. We work hard to nurture our roots and pay it forward to local charities and events. Our clothing is as much about empowering our clients, as it is about making them feel and look amazing. It’s always exciting when influential women like Gigi Hadid, Jillian Michaels, Jessica Alba and Sarah Jessica Parker, along with our friends and neighbors, discover and embrace pheel.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your offering?

A: Our fitness clothing is designed for athletic people who are on the go. Our focus is on creating and cultivating designs that work at the gym, for a meeting or casual lunch, and/or for running errands around town, without sacrificing style or comfort. We are certainly an athleisure wear company, combining current fashion trends with extreme comfort and durability.

Q: What can we expect from your company in the next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: We are expanding our retail presence through the concept of pop-up boutiques and store within store concepts in several franchised fitness locations. Part of our business is designing fitness wear for many different studios, offering wholesale and private labels. Currently, we are working with a number of national and international apparel merchants to include Pheel clothing as part of their athleisure wear offerings.

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Q: What is the best thing about your company that people might not know about?

A: The business, Pheel, was created and is still run by two women who have been best friends since the age of fourteen. Focussed on fashion and pheeling good our entire lives, we are working mothers, entrepreneurs and sports enthusiasts.We spent many hours working out, yoga, boxing, hiking, tennis and noticed a lack of cool, exciting and flattering activewear. We spent a year, almost daily, creating a fitness brand that encompasses all our personal wishes, but also one that fills the void we saw in the marketplace.. Our true commitment has always been to empower our peers and young adults. We mentor young women and men who are interested in business,fashion,athletics etc. We hope to teach them what it takes to follow your dream and run a business. We offer a mentorship yearly for high school and college aged individuals. It’s our hope that these opportunities help develop the same feelings of confidence, resilience and motivation that our brand stands for.

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